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Regardless of how one understands the Middle East, there are two main questions that help to define the current relationship that the United States experiences with the broad majority of the Arab World. The first of these questions is “Why do they hate us/why do we hate…
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Regardless of how one understands the Middle East, there are two main questions that help to define the current relationship that the United s experiences with the broad majority of the Arab World. The first of these questions is “Why do they hate us/why do we hate them”. The sad answer to this is that the United States has been on a collision course with the Arab Muslim world for quite some time now. One can even argue that our popular culture demands that we view this entire group of peole with some type of preconceived stereotype that Arab Muslims are bloodthirsty, dangerous, backstabbing, terrorists who cannot be trusted. By much the same token, the United States is viewed with similar incredulity in the Muslim Middle East. Equating its support for Israel as cowardice and subservience to the Israel lobby, the caricatures of the United States that exist within the Middle East are nonetheless frightening. Ultimately, a fundamental misunderstanding lies at the core of why the continued ill will exists between these two groups of people. The main cause of frustration and indignation against the United States that exists within the Middle East is with respect to the continuous and unyielding support for the state of Israel. By much the same token, the majority of the frustration that is exhibited within the United States towards individuals within the Middle East is born out of the faulty understanding that there is some sort of invisible link to radical Islamic terrorism that exists just beneath the surface of each individual from this region. Read More
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Homework 1 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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