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Hazardous Noise Case Study - Essay Example

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The maximum sound pressure should be below 100 Db(A) in all parts of the shop. The high sound pressure in the shop provides a potential for unwanted energy releases. It also accounts for the…
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Hazardous Noise Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages The exposure period for the employees is 8 hours per day. The frequency of exposure and duration of exposure to the hazard is high. The TWA for noise for the employees was found to be between 88 Db(A) to 97 Db(A) which are above the recommended levels an indication of the severity of its consequences.
1. Elimination- This includes looking for ways of eliminating the hazard in order to reduce any risk occurrence. Elimination reduces risks exposures to acceptable levels. The original risk highly critical and frequent.
2. Warnings- This will involve the use of alerting and warning techniques and hazard warning labels. These control measures are lower order controls that reduce risk exposures to acceptable levels (Manuele, 2011). The original risk highly catastrophic and frequent.
3. Administrative controls- This will include the application of safeguards and installation of ventilation systems. Other administrative controls include training of the employees as well as safe working procedures. The original risk highly catastrophic and probable.
4. Personal protective equipment- It involves the incorporation of safety devices for use by the employees. This reduces risk exposures to the employees. The original risk highly catastrophic and probable.
5. Engineering controls- Engineering controls will include the use of safeguarding technology to safeguard the employees from any hazard (Manuele, 2011). The original risk highly catastrophic and occasional.
6. Substitution of less hazardous processes, materials, equipment or operation- Substituting hazardous processes or methods with less hazardous one is a control measure. This leads to a substitution of a risky and hazardous process with a less risky and hazardous one. Substitution leads to the attainment of a tolerable level of risk. The original risk highly catastrophic and frequent.
The shop seems to be at a high risk exposure and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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