Week 4 question 1 & 2 part b - Personal Statement Example

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No ecosystem can survive without this important commodity. As such the water resources such as rivers, dams, lakes and other important sources ought to be strictly…
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Week 4 question 1 & 2 part b
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How the community can manage its water resources Just like the air we breathe, water plays a fundamental role in the body of living organisms in theecosystems. No ecosystem can survive without this important commodity. As such the water resources such as rivers, dams, lakes and other important sources ought to be strictly managed and protected against all ills. In my community, there are several ways in which these important resources can be managed.
First and foremost, the community can manage the resources by ensuring that more trees are planted. This is a very important step towards the protection of the water catchment and ensuring its continued availability for the use of both animals and plants species in the community. Moreover, the community ought to enhance awareness among its members on the importance of environment conservation. The community also needs to be discouraged from encroaching into the forests and water sources such as rivers. Better farming methods should also be encouraged to prevent the pollution of these important water resources.
Waste water treatment by natural ecosystem
The fundamental role played by water cannot be overemphasized in any ecosystem. As such, the effort should be aimed at ensuring that as little water as possible is wasted, and possibly, the wasted water treated promptly. One of the simple, cost effective, simple and reliable way in which natural ecosystems can treat this important commodity is phytodepuration (Vymazal, 2008). This is a water treatment technique that reproduces the natural purification processes in a controlled environment. Little deep basins are used filled with inert material which is fed with aquatic plants. The plants used reproduce the natural purification process. The method is very cheap and cost effective indeed.
Vymazal, J. (2008). Wastewater Treatment, Plant Dynamics and Management in Constructed and
Natural Wetlands. Berlin: Springer. Read More
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Week 4 Question 1 & 2 Part B Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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