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These factors in turn have different effects on the environment through their influence both positive and negative. This paper is going…
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Effects on environment
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Effects on the environment Affiliation: Introduction The natural surroundings of the earth has been studied and documented by scientists and it has been noted to be influenced by several factors. These factors in turn have different effects on the environment through their influence both positive and negative. This paper is going to highlight those influencers and their different effects to the environment discussed in detail. The influencers of the environment discussed below include: population growth, pollution, construction and deforestation (Goudie, 2009).
The main environmental influencer and which has negative effects in the environment is pollution. Pollution is contamination of the natural environment and which brings about environmental degradation. Air pollution caused by industrial emission of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur and other harmful gases leads to depletion of the ozone layer which acts as a shield to protect the earth from excessive and harmful sun rays. Water pollution on the other hand which may be caused by harmful farming, mining and even industrial wastes destroy the environment by exposing it to toxic chemicals and hence killing animals and plants which depend on that water. It also leads to destruction of the soil hence rendering the area inhabitable.
The excessive population growth that has been witnessed over the last century has also had its effects on the environment. The major effects include deforestation, depletion of natural resources and extinction of species of both plants and animals. As the population continues to expand and with limited land for settlement, the only alternative left is to start clearing forests and even draining swamps in order to build settlement areas. This leads to climate changes and environmental degradation. The minority species are also displaced in a “battle for the fittest” as explained by Darwin. Species like that of dinosaur which occupy large areas are killed to clear space to accommodate the excess population. Population growth also leads to increased construction which not only causes pollution which as explained earlier degrades the environment but also leads to deforestation and extraction of earth’s important minerals in the process of construction.
Other environmental influencers do not however entirely bring about negative effects on the environment. Some farming techniques for example like animal farming enriches the environment by ensuring provision of manure and hence minerals. Practicing biological methods of farming where no chemicals are used also prevents degrading the environment further as mentioned above by chemicals. These farming methods however happen in very few areas due to the cost and the minimal land space.
Other than the above mentioned influencers and their effects on the environment, the other influencer and which also has positive and negative effects is energy. Natural sources of energy such as wind and water protect the environment from harmful effects like exposure to chemicals and extraction of minerals or even land clearing which leads to soil erosion. Harmful effects like those mentioned above to the environment are brought about by energy sources such as geothermal (Goudie, 2009).
The environmental factors and their effects discussed above are brought about by human activities and therefore in order to avoid some of the negative effects which are causing environmental degradation, human beings need to change some of these activities and habitat and concentrate on saving their environment and in turn the earth for future generations.
Goudie, A. S (2009). The Human Impact on the Natural Environment: Past, Present, and Future. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons. Read More
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