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The paper “The Level of Pollution Today” indicates the impact of rising CO2 levels in Earth's atmosphere, which will cause unstoppable effects to the climate for at least the next 1000 years, causing researchers to estimate a collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet…
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The Level of Pollution Today
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 The Level of Pollution Today
A lot of things would change for the worse over the next 1000 years, the emission of Co2 is already alarmingly high and it would surely touch unprecedented levels in the next 1000 years. Each second earth gets polluted and more vehicles get manufactured which goes to show that the Co2 emission will only rise as the population increases. “New research indicates the impact of rising CO2 levels in Earth's atmosphere will cause unstoppable effects to the climate for at least the next 1000 years, causing researchers to estimate a collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet by the year 3000, and an eventual rise in the global sea level of at least four meters.” (Climate Change)
This issue is extremely important because it can cause a lot of damage to human beings if nothing is done about it in the future. It can have life-threatening ramifications should nothing be done about it immediately. Methane is another very important greenhouse gas, large quantities of methane is produced by domesticated animals which again directly affects the environment. Coal mining and oil drilling are other activities which produce methane in abundance; these activities are done on a daily basis producing unimaginable quantities of methane. These important things must be understood to be really able to restore the normal climatic conditions, there is a lot of pollution everywhere these days, the most populated countries like India and China release alarming amounts of harmful gases each day, this must be put to an end soon to ensure that there are no calamities in the future.
Methane which is an important greenhouse gas gets produced in abundance each day, activities like coal mining, domesticating cattle and so on produces this gas and it is expected to be produced even more in the coming years which would destabilize our environment and make life even more difficult for all the human beings. “Climate change may result from both natural and human causes. The importance of human causes has been increasing during the past few decades.” (Global Warming Facts)
Human beings have time and again been alerted by Mother Nature, we have been doing a lot of things which we should not be doing. Deforestation is certainly one thing which we must refrain from doing, there are other activities like mining, running air conditioners the whole day and so on, these activities release harmful gases into the environment which in turn cause climate change. It is high time to reduce these activities gradually so that we do not face the wrath of Mother Nature.
Carbon dioxide emission can be drastically reduced by using solar energy and LPG, LPG is being used in some countries and some others use solar energy but it is important to cut down the carbon dioxide emission otherwise it is all doom and gloom for us.
It is very important to bring down the level of pollution drastically, it is very important to keep a check on gases like Co2 and methane because these are the most important greenhouse gases and can easily destabilize our environment.
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