The Negative Effects of Climate Change on Food Security in the Caribbean - Essay Example

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The goal of this paper "The Negative Effects of Climate Change on Food Security in the Caribbean" is to introduce the general required conditions and needs in food security industry. Furthermore, the writer will examine the problem of global warming in the scope of Caribean food security industry…
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The Negative Effects of Climate Change on Food Security in the Caribbean
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Extract of sample "The Negative Effects of Climate Change on Food Security in the Caribbean"

The Negative Effects of Climate Change on Food Security in the Caribbean

Food security is possible each time the production or the available supply of food is more than what the people need to survive (Greiner, 2006). In line with this, the presence of climate change can lead to adverse effects to food security of the Caribbean.
Each time human beings are burning fossil fuel; chemicals like nitrogen and sulphur are released into the air. One of the major problems associated with the presence of the carbon, nitrogen and sulphur oxides in the air is the acid rain formation (Mehta, 2010). As a common knowledge, acid rain can create harmful effects to the environment. Furthermore, acid rain can take away important minerals from trees, plants, and soil (Smith et al., 2002). Without the presence of minerals in the soil, the plants and trees will not be able to grow properly. Based on this context, food security is being threatened because of insufficient supply of foods.
Acid rain can cause serious harm to the plants and trees in the forest. In the absence of plants and trees in the forest, climate change such as the increase in the frequency and strength of extreme weather events like droughts, El Niňos, cyclones, heat waves, floods and king tides will become unavoidable (Choi, 2012). Similar to the negative impact of acid rain in the food security of the Caribbean, the presence of droughts, El Niňos, cyclones, heat waves, floods and king tides will also trigger a significant decrease in the country’s available food supply.
Climate change is something that is uncontrollable by the human kind. For this reason, the only way to protect the food security of the Caribbean is to encourage its government to import and stock up at least three (3) to six (6) months supply of non-perishable food items. By doing so, the government of the Caribbean can ensure that there will always be food security for its people.

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