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This paper declares that the difference between these two factors, climate and weather, is the measure of time. Weather refers to the conditions of the atmosphere over a short time period, but climate, on the other hand, is how the atmosphere "acts" over a long period of time. …
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Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change
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Question 1
The difference between these two factors, climate and weather, is the measure of time (Bates 4). Weather refers to the conditions of the atmosphere over a short time period, but climate, on the other hand, is how the atmosphere "acts" over a long period of time. Climate, on a layman’s language, is what people expect, but the weather is what they get.
Question 2
Global warming is caused mainly by the release of greenhouse gases. Carbon emissions, particularly carbon dioxide, are elements, which harmfully influence the quality of the air, and lead to the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide is thought to eat up the ozone layer, which leads to more heat being protracted to the earth’s surface (Bates 15). This, on the other hand, increases the earth’s temperature, which causes global warming.
Question 3
The overall amount of CO2 that the United States has produced is 5,762,050. This is more than 20% of the worldwide release of CO2. Japan, on the other hand, caters for 1,224,740 of the amount of CO2 released to the atmosphere (Bates 16). Comparing these numbers to the United States, the United States has produced 5 times more CO2 than Japans.
Question 4
In the United States, the CO2 emissions, or metric tons per capita, was reported to be at 17.96 in 2008. This is according to World Bank’s findings. CO2 discharges are those that arise from manufacture of cement along with the burning of fossil fuels (Bates 16). Japan’s per capita CO2 emission, on the other hand, was reported to be at 9.46 in 2008.
Question 5
Definitely Japan’s population has an effect on the amount of CO2 being released to the atmosphere (Bates 22). This is because Japan has a large population, and most of its citizens own private vehicles. Vehicles are known to be the leading producers of CO2, and; therefore, those who drive cars in Japan also contribute substantially to global warming.
Question 6
The economic status of Japan also influences the carbon emission witnessed today around the world. This is because Japan is one of the most mechanized countries in the world, and its industrial activities are known mainly to realize CO2 to the environment (Bates 23). Japan cannot survive without is industries, and; therefore, producing CO2 is not an option to the country.
Question 7
Technology leads to an increase in CO2 emission because these new inventions are created with an element of carbon in them for instance the manufacture of computers. However, technology can save people from carbon emission as it reduces travelling with vehicles (Bates 24). For instance, a person, instead of traveling, might opt to send an email, and avoid burning carbon.
Question 8
The data is extremely useful in showing a reader where the world stood before, and where the world is heading (Bates 27). According to that data, if the world continues with its carbon emission trend, then, in the near future, people will not survive in this world.
Question 9
The environment concerns, due to the increase in CO2 emissions, are that the matter might go out of control and destroy the environment fully (Bates 27). The continued increase of greenhouse gases might, one day, destroy the whole ozone layer, which protects people from the actual radiations from the sun that might harm them.
Question 10
A higher carrying capacity leads to more carbon emissions (Bates 30). Pick a country like the United States for instance, the country has the highest carrying capacity all through the world, and this reflects on the amount of carbon that the country produces.

Work Cited
Bates, Albert. Climate in Crisis: The Greenhouse Effect and What We Can Do. New York: Book Publishing Company (TN), 2012. Print. Read More
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