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The author of this assignment "Managing Environmental Justice" comments on the Story of the Plant Location described within its Large Community and Political Context. It is stated that Hikal Limited is an outsourcing partner for “agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and biotech…
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Managing Environmental Justice
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Hikal Limited preferred this site because of its central locality. Bangalore is central to most regions where the company has its customer base. This site became approved after the US FDA audit at Jigani, which is another plant owned by Hikal Limited.
How did Negotiations or Incentives Play a Role in the Location?
The company promised to give all research contracts to Peter Nightingale, who owns Acronis Research Ltd, Pune, India. Nightingale is an expert in the pharmaceutical and other chemical sectors. By giving the research contract to this company, Hikal will offer many job opportunities to Indians. This is because Acronis Research Ltd will use Indians to carry out the research since they know their community well.
What is your Perspective on one Prominent Local Economic Development Lesson your Example Demonstrates?
Local people benefit from local job opportunities since they have strong relations with the communities where they live. When a manufacturing plant becomes established, local people become given first opportunities so that they can accommodate the activities, particularly, when they involve environmental pollution. 3
Some residents who lack enough competence end up working in new plants, since managers lower qualification levels to fill different job positions. Eventually, these employees enhance their job skills and confidence in their fields, which makes other local employers admire them. This, in turn, increases their wages and employability, in the long run. Read More
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Managing Environmental Justice Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 365 Words.
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