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The research delves on describing the ill effects of lead poisoning. The research delves on reducing lead poisoning. The government and other affected arties must prioritize the community’s health over the gold ore processing companies’ gold profits…
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Reflection Journals
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 Reflection Journals Lead poisoning debilitates the community’s health. The research delves on describing the ill effects of lead poisoning. The research delves on reducing lead poisoning. The government and other affected arties must prioritize the community’s health over the gold ore processing companies’ gold profits.
Summary. The October 2012 article Childhood Lead Poisoning Associated with Gold Ore Processing: A Village-Level Investigation-Zamfara State, Nigeria, October- November 2010 shows that some of the earth’s environments are unsafe (Lo et al., 2012). The article states that some children suffer from lead poisoning ailments. The research shows that most of the young victims live in villages where gold ore mining is prevalent. Research showed that the lead poisoning level was 400 parts to 1,000,000 volume level. The researcher found that children from more than 130 gold ore processing communities had 3.5 times higher lead poisoning levels, compared to children from non-ore producing regions of Nigeria.
Reflection. The above summary shows the importance of reducing lead poisoning. Lead poisoning can be avoided. Lead poisoning can be reduced to allowable levels. Lead poisoning can be acquired by inhaling lead that if floating in the air or eating lead-contaminated food. Sometimes people unknowingly drink lead from crystal clear tap water.
Hazardous Effects of Lead Poisoning. Lead poisoning can destroy the average person’s health. The excessive intake of lead elements can hinder the development of the brain. Lead triggers the malfunctioning of the human nervous system and reduces the children’s intelligence capacity. Children are most susceptible to lead poisoning. The pregnant woman’s taking of lead elements will harm the fetus (Hembra, 2008).
Government Must Act to Prevent Lead Poisoning. The government agencies cooperate to eradicate lead poisoning from the environment. The government’s environmental protection agency or EPA monitors and implements lead poisoning programs. To help reduce lead poisoning incidences, the government agencies disseminate lead poisoning information to the public in order (Hemba, 2008).
People should help eliminate Lead Poisoning. People should do their share to eliminate lead poisoning. To reduce lead poisoning, the parents must avoid lead-based jobs. The family should avoid lead-contaminated communities. The community must act to eliminate lead from entering the child’s body. The community leaders must distribute leaflets and other information on how to avoid being victims of lead poisoning.
The community’s health must be Superior to generating Business Profits. The government must not prioritize the gold ore processing companies’ desire to generate profits, when the community’s health is at stake. To reduce lead contamination, the government must require the ore processing companies to provide its ore workers with safety equipments. In turn, the jobsite pregnant mothers can avoid inhaling or taking in the poisonous lead elements. Consequently, the unborn child will not succumb to the debilitating effects of lead poisoning.
Summarizing the above discussion, lead poisoning destroys the community’s health, especially the children’s health. Lead poisoning triggers hazardous environmental effects. The government and the communities must not keep a blind eye on the lead poisoning occurrences. Evidently, the government, community, and other parties must prioritize the community’s health over the gold ore processing companies’ gold profits.
Lo, et al. (2012). Childhoold Lead Poisoning Associated with Gold Ore Processing: A Village-
Level Investigation- Zamfara State, Nigeria, Octoboer- November 2010. Environmental
Health Perspectives , 120 (10), 1450-1455.
Hembra, R. (2008). Toxic Substances: Federal Programs Do Not Fully Address Some Lead
Exposure Issues. New York: Diane Press. Read More
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