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The paper 'Pollution Problems in the Community' presents the short-cut truth method which is a method used to test for validity. In contrast to the full truth table where all the rows of premises are constructed, only the relevant rows are constructed in a short-cut table method…
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Pollution Problems in the Community
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These are ‘Lucy will go to the market’,’ with john’ and the third is “buy some mangoes’. While testing the validity of this statement one negates it and if any premise is true, a ‘T’ is recorded, and where it is false an ‘F’ is recorded in the truth table. A row which records all ‘T’ is considered a success and thus it is invalid. A row which records a mixture of T and F is termed unsuccessful and thus the statement is valid. The short-cut truth table method invalidates the statement that is under investigation and if it succeeds then it is valid.
Pollution problems in the community can be solved using this method. A list of the causes and solutions to environmental pollution can be listed and then an argument is drawn from the list. The argument is then invalidated and if one succeeds then it is invalid and those solutions cannot effectively solve the pollution as per the listed causes. Read More
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