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National Security, Energy Resource Scarcity and Climate Change in the upcoming decades - Essay Example

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Tornadoes, famines, cluster cyclones and flooding have all become frequent with the time period a reason which has sparked concerns not only in the economic sector but the political as well. Depleting energy resource, in which the fossil fuels can be considered the most common…
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National Security, Energy Resource Scarcity and Climate Change in the upcoming decades
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Download file to see previous pages Now, when we come to national security and foreign policy we must have an idea as to what it is. By national security we mean the integrity of a state and securing of its boundaries without hindrance from the other states. Foreign policy is the basic guideline upon a country will interact with other states and maintain relationship with them. Various analysts see the changing climatic conditions as possible threat to the future peace of the world. This is because with increased famines and limited food there will be fights within a state as a result the police will come into action. In adverse cases we may even need the army to control the situation which would create a civil war condition. It will basically be a fight for survival and of course as we know might is power the person or the state in general with more power would emerge victor. All of it will definitely spoil the peaceful environment of the planet earth and the countries with greater influence will even try to establish themselves by taking the weaker nations under them and exploiting them. In short, we may say that in the near future keeping view the changing climate and decreasing quantity of fossil fuels a war like situation where the person with force will be the winners and enjoy while the majorities will suffer from the scarcity of almost every basic necessity.
The two countries on which we will be focusing on is the US and China. This is because both of them are the current super powers one in the West and other in the East. They are the biggest emitter of the green house gases a major cause for the drastic change in the climate with its devastating impact on earth. All of it which has complicated the national security concerns and the foreign policy for both these super powers. Both of these nations are trying to increase their influence on the African nations and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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National Security, Energy Resource Scarcity and Climate Change in the Essay - 1.
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