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Thesis:How can the environment be preserved - Essay Example

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The ozone layer is made up of oxygen and it has a strong smell while it is primarily responsible for stopping ultraviolent solar rays from entering into earth’s atmosphere. The ozone layer has been noticed with the ability to oxidize any foreign agent whereas, it is supposedly…
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Thesis:How can the environment be preserved
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Download file to see previous pages The greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and hydro-fluoro-carbons have played significant role in terms of thickening the ozone layer. The industrialization of early twentieth century started production of greenhouse gases and released them into the air and polluted the water table as they released toxic material into the hydro-reserves of the planet. Additionally, matters regarding the health of ozone layer worsened as nations started to develop nuclear technology and consequently released more harmful gases into the air. The accumulation of greenhouse gases caused the average temperature of the globe to increase and because of this reason; living conditions of the planet are extremely affected. The skin cancer and other similar illnesses are growing in all parts of the world.
The trend of global warming is a consequence of thickening of ozone layer and greenhouse gases are fundamentally accountable for causing the unnecessary increase in ozone layer’s volume. The greenhouse gases work to prevent ultraviolent rays of sun from escaping the atmosphere. The greenhouse gases’ production is powered with industrialization, traffic emissions and use of nuclear technology (Andersson and Wallin, 1100). The use of nuclear weapon in second World War is considered guilty for forwarding the clock of global warming by at least two decades and the effect is accumulating ever since. The economies of America and China have been producing highest levels of pollution and therefore, causing degeneration of ozone layer in the name of economic and scientific development. However, according to recent researches conducted by climatologists, the damage to ozone layer can be counteracted and even reversed but it requires commitment towards the notion of minimizing individual carbon emissions that can be achieved through using alternative energy sources, planting greenery and trees in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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