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It is pertinent to note that, the core factor for the improved environment is a human being, that is human determines how far in terms…
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W 10 Employment Impact-Discussion- environmental
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Balance of employment opportunities and conservationism Institute Introduction A stable environment in one way or another does favor eitherthe net gain or net loss in the total creation of jobs in a community or a country. It is pertinent to note that, the core factor for the improved environment is a human being, that is human determines how far in terms of job creation will be reached basing to the available environment.
Notably the balance of employment opportunity with environmental conservation directly relates. However, main environmental factor is the green environment and technological environment. Following this, question that arises is whether environmental conservation will result in net loss or gain or no change in the total number of jobs creation in a given country,
Environmental improvement deals with both technological as well as green environment. Therefore, when technological environment improvement, it proportionally lowers the chances of job creation as in; it does replace human manual work to machine era. As a result, this eliminates the possibility of providing a wide spectrum for human job environment.
On the contrary, when green environment is improved, it in returns gives rise to jobs in any country. For instance, if high carbon economy is lowered to the low-carbon economy, this will alternatively increase the chances of having more jobs. Evidently, the research done by “national environmental program” has it that, if green environment is improved it will rise the number of jobs. Statistically,15 to 60n million of jobs will be created if green environment is emphasized, in the near future as says Juan Somavia.
In conclusion, basing to the environment improvement (whether technological or green environment) leads to either net gain in a job or net loss. Technological improvement does replace human manual work to machine work hence discouraging net total job gain. On the other hand, green environment improvement encourages net total gain in job creation in any country. To curb it all, I do concur that gain, loss or stagnation of total jobs in a country and the job, is based on the specific environmental improvement.
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