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Efficiency means minimum waste. And I want to waste nothing when I use electricity. Even though I pay for what I use but that doesn’t mean I need to abuse it. For instance, I can start the ‘save the…
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W 7 Discussion Board: Energy Consumption- Environmental Science
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Discussion Board: Energy Consumption Yes I do feel the responsibility of using power in an efficient manner. Efficiency means minimum waste. And I want to waste nothing when I use electricity. Even though I pay for what I use but that doesn’t mean I need to abuse it. For instance, I can start the ‘save the planet’ campaign right from my home. I can switch off lights that are not in use. I can recycle as much as possible. The more I recycle, the more I save energy as industries won’t be spending power and raw material in making those products.
It is not just my responsibility to save energy myself, I need to be persuasive enough to convince my family and friends that they need to save power too. I need to lead them into this by the strength and motivation of my character. That is the responsibility I feel towards saving power. When it comes to fuel consumption I can do so much than what people usually think they can, in normal life. If I really am serious in saving fuel consumption, a strong social life would contribute towards it. If I have good number of friends and neighbors, there’ll probably be someone almost always going to school of at work at my time, so why waste fuel individually when two or three people can contribute towards it and literally reduce fuel consumption in automobiles by more than half.
Charity begins at home, if I can’t mend my own ways, I can’t mend other’s. There would be no point in lecturing young ones that they need not to waste energy. They have role models in front of them in me and you. We all are actors and this world is merely a stage, the only difference between life and theatrical performance is that the actors write their own scripts. I am writing my own script and I’m writing it in such a way so that I become a better person. Green planet is not just a dream, it is a reality, and it is my reality. I want to leave this planet a better place for the next generations, so they could pass on this favor when they will die. Read More
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