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Greenhouse Business Challenge and Carbon Footprint - Australia - Assignment Example

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This research paper examines the voluntary and cost-effective measures to reduce emission rate taken by some organizations. They have emission reduction strategies and models for their different projects. The earth is a place for us to live and it is our duty to protect it…
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Greenhouse Business Challenge and Carbon Footprint - Australia
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Extract of sample "Greenhouse Business Challenge and Carbon Footprint - Australia"

Download file to see previous pages The paper "Greenhouse Business Challenge and Carbon Footprint – Australia" explores the environmental issues connected with the threats arising from carbon footprints. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and other equivalent gases are very harmful to the environment. The combined effect of such gases is called carbon footprints. This is a very important area of concern for the world. In countries like Australia where the majority of national income is generated from oil, petroleum and mining industry, carbon footprint is a serious matter of discussion. One of the largest oil and petroleum gas producing company of Australia called Woodside has also taken several voluntary as well as cost-effective measures to reduce emission rate of their business. Woodside considers customised emission reduction plans for each of their project plans. They have emission reduction strategies and models for their different projects. Companies such as BP have also taken measures like implanting solar plants for installing solar panels. It has decided to supply electricity to its retail stores through these solar energy generated electricity. The government of Australia has also taken strict measures imposing carbon tax on companies to limit their carbon emission. Companies are disappointed through such policy because the carbon tax is not fixed and this would affect the revenue of the company. So it would be recommended that the government of Australia can revise the rate of carbon tax for the country. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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