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The essence of this is to control the rate of global warming and climate change, as well as to control the level at which natural resources are being depleted in the world as a whole. The encouragement of the use eco products…
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Download file to see previous pages The awareness is brought about by passing or disseminating large quantities of information on the effects of goods on the environment and the mitigation measures for any situations related to the goods. Therefore, it is essential that there should be good relationships between the providers of the products and the consumers to ensure the dissemination of this kind of information is done effectively. The products in discussion in this paper are cars (Johnson 280).
Over the past decade the world has been hit with several climate change effects, a lot of those have been attributed to the industries, mainly to the vehicles and the fuel used by them. Other major concerns that have come up over this decade include the rise in petroleum prices. This has driven many to think of better ways to conserve energy and they have had a different perception of energy security as a whole. The current market has shifted from using petroleum to light duty vehicles. They have invented the hybrid cars which either use electricity or use very little petroleum. The dependence on petroleum products has begun to bring up major concerns especially when it comes to economic issues. The oil prices are set to go higher over the years to come. This is because the resource is also being depleted and since it is not a renewable resource. It is becoming scarce by the day.
With the production of new hybrid vehicles, the usage of petroleum has dropped and the risk of climate change and global warming due to the emission of greenhouse gases has also dropped tremendously. According to the analysis, the amount of fuel being used in the United States alone has reduced dramatically. The results of the analysis show that, since the time that these vehicles entered the market, the amount of fuel that has been saved is an estimated 9 million barrels or three hundred and eighty five gallons of fuel. This simply means that more people are likely to purchase these types of vehicles ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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