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The author of this essay "Earthcare PKG and Recycling" describes the benefits of recycling such as environmental care, jobs for people, recycled products that are budget-friendly. This paper also outlines negative aspects such as false "security" sense, use of energy. …
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Earthcare PKG and Recycling
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Download file to see previous pages Eventually, people started using ways that were more elaborate when dealing with their trash. Although recycling has numerous benefits on the environment, it is not always a good thing. This paper will first discuss the positive effects that recycling has before discussing some of the negative effects that the process has (McKinney, 2007).
Recycling involves processing waste material so that they can become reusable. This is important in energy conservation and the reduction of natural resources consumption. When it comes to saving the environment, recycling used products is considered one of the best ways. In order to avoid environmental harm, recycling is very important. Used newspapers, glass, and plastic bottles can be recycled effectively to make items that are useful (Ohlman, 2009).
First, recycling protects the environment. For example, it is common knowledge that paper comes from trees. When the demand for paper goes up, it would be necessary for more trees to be cut so that more paper can be produced. Recycling paper, therefore, means that the destruction of more trees can be prevented (Warner, 2011). Currently, many forests are being cleared so that the demand for paper, which is ever-increasing, can be met. By recycling those products that are made from raw materials, natural resources can be saved. When a ton of newspaper or the mixed paper is recycled, that translates to saving around 12 trees. A lot of raw material is saved when people recycle things. It reduces the necessity for raw materials like oil, forests, and metals, and this reduces the impact of humans on the environment. Recycling also reduces the impact of humans on climate change. Although energy is used in the process of recycling, it greatly reduces climate emissions (Watson, 2009).
Recycling also creates jobs. From reprocessing of recyclables, sorting, kerbside collection and composting, recycling creates many jobs.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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