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This essay focuses on emerging new diseases within the community. The writer of this essay suggests that recent industrialization, especially the establishment of Gas Company could be responsible for the emerging new diseases caused due to air and water pollution…
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Emerging New Diseases Within the Community
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Emerging new diseases within the community
This is an important issue for the suburban community that I believe has now been faced with major health issues. In recent times, several children and adults have developed extensive and similar diseases. The diseases have spread across the community on in the recent years, thus discounting genetic causes. After extensive research of the suburban amenities and environment, some vital facts have come to light. The research methodology applied was mainly through study of the diseases in the past few years and the changes within the suburban community vis-à-vis environment changes due to new industries, emerging technologies and population.
It was found that the diseases developed were mainly related to respiratory problems, pulmonary diseases and cardio-vascular diseases. Zanobetti et al., (2003) have found that pollutants are major factors for respiratory and heart diseases. The asthma and bronchitis has become increasingly common amongst the children and adults leading to extensive health problems. The heart diseases and more cases of kidney malfunction have also been reported regularly. The severity of the cases makes it imperative that root cause be identified and addressed. The community has been conscious of environment and ensured that air pollution due to transport system is maintained within the limit by using eco-friendly transportation. But it is found that the recent industrialization, especially the establishment of Gas Company could be responsible for the emerging new diseases caused due to air and water pollution.
It is found that the effluents and waster material from the gas company are contaminating the local water resources and environment. The water sample taken from the stream has testified existence of active chemicals that have significant impact on the respiratory and pulmonary system of human being. The presence of poisonous gases in the environment has been due to ineffective treatment by the gas company. It is also found that the local stream which is the main source of water for the community is not only damaging to the environment but also for the health and survival of human-beings.
The community is therefore needs to be proactive in containing the spread of these diseases. It is essential that people must come together and ensure that gas company must stop its operation till it can effectively treat its effluents and other dangerous contaminants so that air pollution as well as water pollution is totally eliminated. Sustainable business practices must be followed by the company to safeguard the health of the community within which it operates. Continuous supply of natural resources like safe drinking water, clean air, energy and food with proper waste disposal system is integral part of human development.
These are critical findings and it is important that everyone must unite to fight against the injustice. The health and survival of people is at stake and the community must come together to ensure that the gas company that is endangering the health of the children and adults is given ultimatum with regard to its effluent treatment within the prescribed time limit. In case it is not done, the legal recourse should be used to close down the gas company for the wider welfare of the people and environment.
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Zanobetti A, Schwartz J, Samoli E, et al. The temporal pattern of respiratory and heart disease mortality in response to air pollution. Environ Health Perspective.  2003;  111: 1188–1193. Read More
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