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Discuss the relative merits of workplace parking charges and congestion charging as a basis for reducing car dependency in British cities - Essay Example

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This is due to many economic and social costs, which come as a result of the traffic congestion problems. In fact, this is the condition where the volume of traffic surpasses the…
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Discuss the relative merits of workplace parking charges and congestion charging as a basis for reducing car dependency in British cities
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Download file to see previous pages imposed on Private Non-Residential (PNR) car parking at workplaces that in past have been free as a practical fiscal measure to discourage car based transport for the staffs, to and from the workplace. Car based commuting has in the past propelled the level of road congestion. The charges are aimed at discouraging the staff to adopt other modes of transport like walking, cycling or adopting car club strategy which gives people access to vehicles on pay-as-you-go basis.
Congestion charging involves levying every vehicle based on the trip length in terms of travel time or travel distance and trip externalities related to a vehicle contribution to congestion and air pollution. Currently the continuous fees charged, based on mileage is best for all vehicles types; ranging from the commercial motor bikes, commercial vans, and trailers to the private cars.
Proposal is under way to use a MOBB (Mobile Operated Black Box) that is based on solution which would identity the details of the vehicle and the driver. Implemented as a mobile handset using the UK mobile network and employing the Location Based Service mobile application to locate the coordinates, which help determine whether the vehicle is within the charging zone or just in the entire road network then transmit the data to the congestion charges operational center that is either local or national.
It has seen decrease in the traffic congestion in the charging zones in the various cities of British. Taking London for example employed the London Congestion Charging Scheme (LCCS). From the table below gives the changes in the number of different types of vehicles entering and leaving the charging zones.
The large improvement of London bus network has seen people switching to the use of the bus, they have increased the number of the buses with combination of more frequency and good network, this has seen car user avoiding to pay the congestion charges switch to public transport. Taking for example of the data ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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