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Global Warming - Essay Example

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The present essay illustrates the threat of global warming. Notably, global warming refers to the rise in the earth’s atmospheric temperature. It is believed to be a result of the greenhouse effect emerging from the increased release of carbon dioxide and other atmospheric pollutants…
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Global Warming
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Extract of sample "Global Warming"

Global warming a big issue! Blog by │November 20, Global warming refers to the rise in the earth’s atmospheric temperature. It is believed to be a resultant of greenhouse effect (concentration in greenhouse gases) emerging from the increased release of carbon dioxide and other atmospheric pollutants. It is also caused by the release of industrial gases through the burning of coal, wood, and oil. When the atmospheric and sea temperatures rise, this, consequently, leads to the rise of sea levels resulting into irregular rainfall patterns. Unpredictable rain patterns may lead to desertification or mass flooding. This, in turn, endangers the aquatic life, animals of the land, and the flying creatures too.
Energy has been linked to global warming; by the virtual of the fact that certain forms of energy, particularly the non renewable energy forms - and more specifically fossil fuels. Such fuels emit air pollutants such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide which increase global warming.
Has Global Warming emerged to be a moral issue?
I tend to conquer with the Global Warming High Priest, Al Gore, that global warming has emerged a moral issue of interest; even if it is always challenging to legislate morality.
Every human can in one way or another contribute to global warming; individually or collectively through the use of industries and the industrial products such as fuel. The major issue in the expected kind of morality involves the attainment of the universally accepted moral orders and values to govern the phenomenon of Global Warming.
Amicable self-reflection concerning Global Warming, which seems controversial, can help us shift the so regarded - the accepted code of behavior, to a considerably just as well as a fair conclusion which benefits the universal (common) good. The loudest voice concerning morality emerges from people of believe (faith). To achieve a beneficial moral standard, everyone should strive to see an inspired social change concerning Global Warming. Concerning the latest science over Global Warming, it is paramount to focus on the establishment of a balance between the common good and self-interest. Entities such as industries should adopt high morals, especially while disposing industrial gases which deplete the Ozone layer. They can choose to invent on further utilization of industrial gases instead of releasing them to the contextual atmosphere.
Dilemmas surrounding Global Warming:
Industries have to dispose industrial gases but this has a direct impact on the Ozone layer thus contributing towards global warming. Establishment of new industries often involves clearing of forests and vegetation; forests help in converting industrial gases like carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide; the latter can be utilized by trees during photosynthesis. This, therefore, accelerates the rate of destruction of the Ozone layer. People need to use petroleum products like fuel for transport; this implies that the involved industries will be motivated to produce even more fuel, yet the production process leads to global warming through the released industrial gases into the atmosphere.
How can we judge the moral questions surrounding Global warming?
Industries, as well as the individuals, have a role to play in order to control Global Warming; it is thus everyone’s responsibility to avoid contributing towards global Warming.
The unavoidable circumstance, for example, the minimum industrial gases which may be released to the atmosphere, should be considered since communities need industrial products such fuel for transport amongst other uses.
Work Cited:
Weir, J. (2002, April 8). Global Warming. Earth Observatory. Viewed November 20, 2011. from Read More
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Global Warming Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 6.
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Before coming to the current financial global crisis, knowing how a crisis occurs is also important. An economic crisis is simply known as the decline in economic activity for a few months in an economy. The typical measure which shows the decline in the activity of the economy is the decline in Gross Domestic Product or a negative real economic growth rate. When a recession remains for a longer period, it is known as economic depressio...
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