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The Kyoto Protocol and the Environment - Essay Example

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The essay aims to discuss the Kyoto Protocol. Global warming is widely identified as a serious environmental problem due to the harm it causes to the environment and human beings. The very aspect of its being ‘global’ necessitated ‘international’ awareness and action in order to fight this environmental phenomenon. …
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The Kyoto Protocol and the Environment
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Download file to see previous pages Basically, global warming is a negative environmental phenomenon that can lead to serious environmental problems, such as destruction of the environment, loss of biodiversity, and pollution. According to environmentalist Richard Dahl, global warming is an environmental problem that leads to a rise in world temperatures that is caused by the concentration of greenhouse emission gases in air (Dahl). This rise in temperatures will lead to melting of snow Mountains, which will increase sea levels (Dahl). Therefore, most environmentalists around the world agree that greenhouse gases are the primary reason behind the intensification of the global warming problem in the world. In his book, which is entitled "Global Warming: The Complete Briefing," John Houghton explains that the concentration of carbon dioxide in high air levels is the main source of global warming (Houghton, p.10). The increase in world temperatures has deadly diseases in many creatures and human beings, leading to the loss of biodiversity. As asserted by many environmentalists, the rise in temperatures has already led to “a devastating decline in coral cover, which caused a parallel decline in fish biodiversity, both in marine reserves and in areas open to fishing. Over 75% of reef fish species have declined in abundance, and 50% have declined to less than half of their original numbers” (Jones et al.). Therefore, global warming is a detrimental phenomenon that will lead to the disappearance of large parts of sea shores. Any attempt to effectively combat this phenomenon should work hard on minimizing the emission of greenhouse gases, which are the primary reason behind the increase in world temperatures. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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