Role of land use planning in judicious distribution of population, housing, and infrastructure and orderly development of the built environment - Essay Example

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Land use planning in cities, municipalities and rural landscapes influences peoples’ access to essential resources such as food, healthcare and security. This paper…
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Role of land use planning in judicious distribution of population, housing, and infrastructure and orderly development of the built environment
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Extract of sample "Role of land use planning in judicious distribution of population, housing, and infrastructure and orderly development of the built environment"

Download file to see previous pages nd efficient development of the built environment, as well as resolving adverse consequences of development such as; urban traffic congestion, quality of life, housing, protection of environment and security among others. It assesses the structure of cities, towns and rural landscapes and how land use planning influences them. It also highlights differences in; built form, mix of land uses, density, and size of property / land parcels, street layout and neighborhood pattern, treatment of the public realm as well as public and private transportation. 
Land-use planning can be defined as the organized evaluation of geographical, social and economic aspects with the aim of supporting and empowering land users in identifying sustainable alternatives that enhance their output and also facilitate accomplishment of societal needs (FAO, 1993). The idea of land use planning should not only be conceptualized in terms of production. Rather, many other aspects such as land utility for example protected areas, leisure neighborhoods, transport, water catchments and dumping sites among others. Berke & Godschalk (2006) observed that land use planning is practiced in all societies although some do not apply the phrase. Failure in land use planning leads to degradation and depletion of land resources as well as conflicts in the use of common resources. In rural landscapes, lack of land use planning leads to poor productivity of land.
The built-up area significantly affects the functioning of cities. This is the area that comprises human activities except the open areas that extend to more than four hectares, land that is under cultivation, forest land, water bodies and other parcels of land that are under no productive use. Airfields and highways that are not adjoining the urban used land are not classified among the built-up land (Honachefsky, 1999).
There are differences in the built form of different cities, towns and rural landscapes. Most cities’ built form is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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