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Most of the energy sources we are exploiting now are of nonrenewable nature. Energy sources in the universe can be basically classified in to two broad categories; renewable and nonrenewable. Renewable energy such as…
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Energy Energy The worst problem we are facing now is the energy crisis. Most of the energy sources we are exploiting now are of nonrenewable nature.Energy sources in the universe can be basically classified in to two broad categories; renewable and nonrenewable. Renewable energy such as solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy or hydroelectric power etc will never be exhausted whereas nonrenewable energy sources such as oil energy, natural gas, coal, nuclear energy, geothermal energy etc will be exhausted once. This paper explains the significance of renewable and nonrenewable energy.
The major difference between renewable energy and nonrenewable energy is the ability of renewable energy to renew. For example, wind energy is a renewable energy source which will be available in this world as long as this world remains in its present state. On the other hand same thing cannot be said about nonrenewable energy. For example, oil or natural gas energy sources are exhausting day by day and it is not replaced by any of the natural means.
Because of the nonrenewable nature of nonrenewable energy, this energy source is going to lose its significance in near future or 50 years from now. Renewable energy sources will gain prominence in near future itself. Moreover, nonrenewable energy sources are causing severe environmental problems like air pollution, water pollution, global warming, climate changes etc and therefore it is difficult to rely on nonrenewable energy sources further. For example, “Air pollution, thermal pollution, land devastation, groundwater pollution, acidification of streams and rivers, erosion, subsidence of land caused by underground mines, hazards to miners, and, of course, global warming are all recognized as part and parcel of coal’s utilization” (Smith, 2009, p.162). On the other hand renewable energies such as wind energy, tidal energy, solar energy etc are causing little or no damage to the environment.
In my opinion, solar energy seems to be the future energy source. The major advantage of solar energy is the less environmental problems it can generate and its abundant nature. Solar energy reaches every part of the earth 12 hours per day. If we can develop technologies feasible for the exploitation of solar energy, we need not be worried too much about the energy crisis in future. The major problem associated with the exploitation of solar energy is the lack of feasible technologies to convert solar energy into other forms of energy. Since solar energy is available only in day time, it is necessary to store it for night requirements.
At present China is the number one exploiter of solar energy whereas solar energy exploitation in America is negligible. America should take lessons from China and they should concentrate more on developing feasible technologies for the exploitation of solar energy. More funding is required to strengthen the researches in this field. It should be noted that America is wasting too much money for developing destructive war weapons. Even half of the money spends for the destructive purpose is enough to develop technologies necessary to exploit solar energy and to solve the energy crisis problems.
To conclude, we should focus more on exploiting nonrenewable energy sources such as solar energy to solve the energy crisis problems.
1. Smith, Z A. (2009). The Environmental Policy Paradox (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River,
NJ : Pearson. ISBN 9780555030264
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