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This paper focuses on the critical examination of: “effects of climate changes.” It starts with the introduction of the terms ocean circulation, ocean-atmospheric interaction, global economic system and goes on to highlight the environmental and social impacts of changes in…
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Climate change effects
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Download file to see previous pages P.S. Two of the studies have been carried out and findings under such are communicated this is done to give deep insight in to the relationship of ocean and atmosphere and how such interactions affectsin light of the questions given below
Ocean circulation often called oceanography is a system of movement of the surface water between the oceans, caused by the wind, temperature or the salinity. (Science Dictionary) An ocean covers almost more than two thirds of our clear blue planet. The waters move in the global circulation system, driven by a subtle density difference and transporting then huge amounts of heat. The ocean circulation is therefore an active and highly non-linear player in this global climate game. Increasingly there is the clear evidence implicates that ocean circulation in abrupt and the dramatic climate shifts, such as uncertain temperature changes in Greenland on the order of the 5–10 °C and massive surges of the icebergs into North Atlantic Ocean — events that have occurred more often during the last glacial cycle.
Oceans and our atmosphere constantly interact with one another, especially in transferring the energy; for instance, evaporation from warmer oceans removes the latent heat from atmosphere as it introduces water vapor, and the condensation of this vapor at height releases latent heat. Additionally, the surface winds drive the oceanic currents, moving warmer water pole-wards and cold water equator-wards. Since conditions in atmosphere changes much more rapidly than in oceanic, the atmosphere and oceans change continuously, in response to one another.
Ocean-atmosphere oscillations are the ocean-atmosphere interaction responses which switch suddenly from one of the phases to another. Currently, the five major ocean atmosphere oscillations have been recognized: the Pacific Decadal, the El Niño-Southern, the North Atlantic, the Arctic, and the Antarctic Polar Wave. Each of such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Climate Change Effects Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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