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Thawing out the Polar Bear: Global Warming and Arctic Canada - Essay Example

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This essay describes the effects and consequances of the Global Warming in modern Arctic Canada. The researcher focuses on the life of the polar bear, that is significantly affected when phenomena of global warming has been the breaking up of ice in the Arctic Canada region…
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Thawing out the Polar Bear: Global Warming and Arctic Canada
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Extract of sample "Thawing out the Polar Bear: Global Warming and Arctic Canada"

Download file to see previous pages This essay mostly focuses on one of the most dramatic, and most consistently documented phenomena of global warming that has been the breaking up of ice in the Arctic. As this continues, the life of the polar bear will be significantly affected. There are several elements of the situation that are worth noticing. Clearly, the polar bear population in Arctic Canada depends on the ice in a number of ways. It is their habitat during the summer months; it restricts the ringed seals’ access to air, giving the polar bears a way to predict when and where the seals will come out to the surface, so that the bears can hunt and kill the seals. It is also the females’ mode of transportation to their preferred places to build dens and give birth to their young. Even if we ignore, the effects that the melting of the polar ice will have on the rest of the world, this trend appears poised to radically alter life for the thousands of polar bears in the Arctic region. There are two points in the research that should be particularly frightening to the environmentally concerned. First, the science is unanimous in its prediction of continued global warming. Second, the rate of global warming is still unknown, but the recent, data seems to show a faster rate of increase than the 100-year, data. This could mean that whatever changes are coming for the global environment could start coming even earlier than had been projected. The results for Arctic Canada, and all of its biological life, could well be disastrous. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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