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Water conservation strategies according to green seal requirements - Case Study Example

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This paper deals with the concept of water recycling and waste water management according to the principles enshrined in Green Seal recommended practices.Water recycling processes can adopt many strategies that strives to conserve water as well as reuse them after separating harmful pollutants and organic matter from it…
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Water conservation strategies according to green seal requirements
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Download file to see previous pages This paper deals with the concept of water recycling and waste water management according to the principles enshrined in Green Seal recommended practices. Water recycling processes can adopt many strategies that strives to conserve water as well as reuse them after separating harmful pollutants and organic matter from it. The strategies also involve practices that encourage the effective use of water and reduction of waste water. Waste water management is not a discipline that merely consists of scientific jargon. It is attainable and sustainable provided one takes the pains to implement it aptly.With the increasing destruction of environmental resources, the need for conservation has significantly increased in the modern world. This is specifically so in the case of resources such as water. Statistics available indicate that sources of potable water will not remain as such if the level of exploitation is to continue at the current rate in the world. In addition to the pressures of population increase and pollution, industrial pressures on potable water are also decreasing the availability of fresh water and there is an urgent need to control water wastage. It is in this context that the need to control water wastage through water recycling gains importance. Wastewater management is an emerging field of science that helps to tackle issues related to water pollution and contamination in the industrial world.The need for waste water management has many ramifications, which is both social as well as economical. As far as the society is concerned waste water management helps to recycle the much needed elixir of life back into the water sources as potable water. Otherwise, water that is recycled can be used to sustain green cover over an area thereby providing for the optimum use of this precious natural resource. On the economic front it may be said that conserving water amounts to saving money in many ways and the initial costs that may be involved can soon be recouped in terms of both tangible and intangible benefits for the company.

World wide statistics indicate that water, which is a fundamental need for the existence of life on earth, is limited in terms of its availability. Humans have access to less than 0.08% of all the water that is available in earth. To add to the woes it is believed the need for water will increase by about 40% in the next two decades. This perhaps indicates to the immense responsibility that humans have towards conserving water. In the year 1999, the United Nations Environment Programme identified water shortage as one of the two most worrying problems for the millennium. The fact that the other problem, global warming, is also related to water shortage adds gravity to the situation. It is believed that one person in five across the world has no access to safe drinking water. Similarly, one in two lacks safe sanitation [United Nations Industrial Development Organization. 1996]

In terms of social ramifications, a reliable supply of water is the basic need for any form of development. The availability and quality of water is essential factor in the nation's ability to protect public health, preserve ecological integrity, ensure sufficient agricultural production, and meet commercial needs. Therefore issues affecting the nation's atmospheric water, surface water and groundwater need to be addressed with priority.

Certain facts that point towards the gravity of a water crisis are:

About 1.1 billion people, or 18 percent of the world's population, lack access to safe drinking water. In addition, 2.5 billion are without proper sanitation. Even though the freshwater supplies are sufficient for the world's population, water scarcity exists due to poor management and distribution of water resources.
Unsafe drinking water is the cause of death of more than five million people each year. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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