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This essay Significance of Air Pollution declares Modernization and Industrial revolution which has led to high fuel consumption. The rapid growth of Industries, vehicles, increase in the population, and urbanization are some of the major factors responsible for air pollution.
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Significance of Air Pollution
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Significance of Air Pollution Modernization and Industrial revolution has led to high fuel consumption. The rapid growth of Industries, vehicles, increase in the population, and urbanization are some of

the major factors responsible for air pollution. The following industries are among those

that emit a great deal of pollutants into the air: thermal power plants, cement, steel,

refineries, petro chemicals, and mines. The growth of population in cities and decrease in

the greenery has resulted in more concentration of air pollution due growing number of

vehicles plying. Air pollution is most devastating as the pollutants can be carried to

greater boundaries along with the momentum. The span of damage can be visible to far

places. Scientists has founds pesticides remains in Antarctica where there no possibility

of finding pesticides where seldom we can see human interaction. The mother Earth has

the ability to absorb the gases for a certain limit but as the capacity increases beyond

limitations air pollution shows its adverse affects.
The pollutants can be seen in every part of our life whether you are out or inside your
house. The main pollutants are: carbon monoxide, Nitrogen oxides, Sulfur oxides,
Haze & Visibility, Hydrocarbons and particulate matter (both solid and liquid) .These
are the prime resources of air pollution in this contemporary world. Carbon monoxide
(CO) is a colorless, odorless gas produced by incomplete burning of carbon-based fuels
including petrol, diesel, and wood. Smoking cigarettes and burning plastics will allow
CO to mix with atmosphere. It damages our respiratory organs and causes damage for
our lungs which may at times lead to cancer. Nitrogen oxides are another most dangerous
gas comes from fossil fuels and biomass. Nitrogen gases are responsible for acid rains
and smog. Nitrogen gases damage the ozone layer and do remain in earth atmosphere for
long periods of time. Sulfur oxides are produced by combustion of sulfur-containing
fuels, such as coal and fuel oils. Sulfur oxides can injure man, plants and materials. At
sufficiently high concentrations, the respiratory track of human beings is highly affected,
it compresses the breathing value and causes serious breathing problems. These gases can
travel long distances and when rains comes these particles mix with rain water and reach
the earth surface. The rain washes out of agriculture and human receive serious skin
problems. Chlorofluorocarbons emitted from refrigerators pollutants from specific
sources such as copying machines, electrical and telephone cables, the deodorants, mold
and microbe-harboring air conditioning systems and ducts, cleaning fluids, cigarette
smoke, carpet, latex caulk and paint, vinyl molding, linoleum tile, and building materials
and furniture that emit air pollutants such as formaldehyde are some of the main causes
of air pollution. The above stated pollutants concentration has spread to a greater extent
and has the scope to spread to greater frontiers. The air pollution can't be regulated
suddenly and can't be done with one country initiative it should come from universal
enlightenment. The usages of many components like the deodorants, sprays,
vehicles, pesticides reach to harmful levels. So to avoid usage of using of these materials
is an impossible task and right now we not having alternative for these components. The
only thing that can be done is to reduce the usage levels. The long term effects of these
harmful gases can't be eradicated overnight, so for these adverse affects there should be a
long term strategy keeping in view of the next generation.

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