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Climate Change Adaptation [Name] [University] Should overseas aid be used for climate change adaptation? Introduction In the contemporary world, the climate is continuously deteriorating due to the extensive use of chemicals and harmful gases primarily expelled by humans into the natural environment (Cole, 2008, p.1)…
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Should overseas aid be used for climate change adaptation
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Download file to see previous pages Hence successful adaptation is often executed with the help of overseas aid. This paper aims to critically analyze this subject while identifying that either overseas aid should be used for climate change adaptation of not. Description In order to study the relationship between overseas aid and climate change adaptation it is important to first analyze various factors associated with general foreign aid. The concept of overseas aid revolves around the basis principle of helping poor nations and the under developed countries. For instance, Australia is one of the major contributors of overseas aid. It mostly sends monetary help to Indonesia and some parts of South Asia and Middle East (Overseas Aid, 2013). United Kingdom is also working to increase the climate adaptability through undertaking significant measures in the developing countries (Impact of UK Overseas Aid on Environmental Protection and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, 2011). In addition to this one of the United States’ overseas aid programs is particularly associated with climate change adaptation. This program critically assesses the climate change taking place all over the world including the increasing risks, susceptibility and various opportunities for improvements (Agency Climate Change Adaptation Plan, 2013). Research indicates that the climate changes occur as per the regional conditions. Therefore with time the rise in sea level will impact the populated coastal areas while turning them in to uninhabitable place. Today very few people are affected by the floods, heat waves, storms, etc. but in future millions of people are expected to get influenced by these natural disasters. Moreover, the agricultural productivity will decrease while on the other hand sea food would also be destroyed due to increased acidification by 2050 (Climate Change and Development, 2012). Following figure further explains this situation: These climate changes will also influence the developed countries including USA, Australia, etc. but the most severe impacts are expected to be seen in the developing countries. This will subsequently affect the global political, social and economic conditions. Moreover, food would not be available for poor while rich will have to avail it against huge cost (Climate Change and Development, 2012). If no action is taken to control climate change then the greenhouse gases are expected to continuously weaken the natural environment (Mendelsohn, 2000, p.583). This signifies that an extensive climate change adaptation plan is required so as to meet the future challenges. However, the adaptation plan cannot be made successful with national or even regional resources and therefore overseas aid has become a necessary element in this regard (Climate Change and Development, 2012). Overseas aid should be used for climate change adaptation due to the following reasons (Climate Change and Development, 2012): Foreign investments will reduce the negative impacts of climate change will increasing the resources necessary for life. Countries which are still going through the process of developing transportation and energy infrastructures can actually use overseas aid to accelerate their development procedure. Speedy development will subsequently increase employment opportunities while giving way to tackle the drastic climate changes. Climate risk reduction programming could be initiated in poor countries. Significant anticipations can be made regarding draught ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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