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Manmade Hazards and Disasters :Workplace Violence, Terrorism and Civil Disorder - Essay Example

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Manmade Hazards and Disasters Workplace violence is defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as “any physical assault, threatening behavior, or verbal abuse occurring in the work setting (2009).” The work setting is any location, whether temporary or permanent, a business office or a home office, inside or in the field, where employees conduct any work-related task…
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Manmade Hazards and Disasters :Workplace Violence, Terrorism and Civil Disorder
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Download file to see previous pages Given the wide expanse of where workplace violence can occur, and the amount of people who can incite violence, these incidences are more common than one might believe. Describe typical pre-event, event, and post-event aspects of workplace violence. There are three aspects of workplace violence, all of which provide businesses and their employees with the proper procedures involved in the event of workplace violence. These aspects are pre-event, the event, and post-event, and they each detail a specific moment in the course of an incident of workplace violence and instructs the employee on the actions that should be undergone. Pre-event The pre-event aspect of workplace violence is the prevention stage. This stage promotes the importance of understanding the presence of workplace violence in order to avoid said violence. All employees in any given business should acknowledge the intolerance of all workplace violence and how important it is to determine prevention measures. This includes raising awareness of acceptance and learning to recognize escalating situations. The pre-event/prevention stage allows employees to determine opportunities of early intervention to diffuse an event that may result in violence. Event The event stage is the stage of response, during which employees quickly and effectively contain a violent incident in an attempt to minimize any potential harm. The most important thing that must be accepted is that there is a one-hundred percent compliance of responding to any incidences, as opposed to ignoring them. This means that every incident, regardless of how minor it may seem, will be treated with the same seriousness as an event of greater magnitude. Response actions that can be utilized include personal defense training for staff, which would benefit any individual who does not have others around them to come to their defense. Other responses can be to initiate a lockdown of the specific section of the building or to implement a strategy of quick response to local law enforcement, such as a panic button. Post-event The post-event stage is the stage of reporting an event that has taken place. This is a vital stage as approximately fifty percent of verbal and physical assaults are never reported in writing, allowing the perpetrator to walk away without severe punishment. When an incident is not reported, it technically does not exist; it did not happen. By reporting an event, including any precursors leading to the event, the names of the individuals involved, and any other details pertaining to the violence, similar incidences can be avoided in the future. Reporting an event of workplace violence makes it so that others do not become victims. Furthermore, a lack of reporting can seriously impede opportunities to improve the safety of a business. Growth can only be accomplished through acknowledging and understanding potential threats. The post-event stage also involves investigating the cause of the workplace violence. This will also aid in preventing further incidences from occurring. Any patterns leading up to the violence can be considered during an investigation. During this time, counseling services will also be made available to those involved in the incident, whether directly as a victim or indirectly as a witness. Discuss three occupations which are among the most vulnerable to workplace violence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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