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Shortpaper2: creatingabetterworld - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Alternative Energy Introduction Energy sources have become a question of interest with regards to commercialization of energy. Within the energy sector, questions associated with how energy sources can be sustainable to the economies have been raised with regards to the type of energy and the purpose it serves…
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Shortpaper2: creatingabetterworld
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Download file to see previous pages The smaller details in the process of implementing alternative sources of energy involve scalability and timing, commercialization, substitutability, material input requirements, intermittency, and energy density. With the above mentioned issues or factors deemed the smaller details, it is observed that debate on energy sources starts and ends with the question, ‘What energy sources are more likely to be environmentally friendly and beneficial to the publics?” In this case, as the CEO of ‘Within-the-Grind Energy Initiative’ I would like to point out that the ignorance of the smaller details has set the energy sector in reverse as inflation of energy causes other sectors to lag behind. My personal take on energy solutions has engineered a proactive role of desiring to be part of the solution to educate and help create a better world. Hence fore, being the CEO of ‘Within-the-Grind Energy Initiative’, my team and I look forward to designing and analyzing alternative energy-based strategies that help better our world – our motivation is ‘there is a solution to the dying national and worldwide heritage’. ...
Hence fore, this document discusses the impacts of ignoring the smaller details and how a change in strategy can improve the energy sector. Body The production of alternative energy is a measure to improve the total amount of energy produced to serve demand. This means that the supply of alternative energy is a function that needs to address failures of conventional energy sources in producing enough energy to meet demand. In addition, environmental issues of conventional energy sources such as oil and coal have triggered the need for alternative energy sources. With the problems identified as environmental issues and high demand exceeding supply, the rationale of venturing into alternative energy is to ensure that the two problems mentioned herein can be met in a timely manner. However, while meeting demand can be a function of teamwork and funding, the biggest challenge of meeting demand is the fact that alternative energy has not been scaled in terms of production. For example, the fact that an alternative energy source can meet demand of 100,000 people does not fully cover the demands of 900,000 who may depend on conventional energy sources that destroy the environment and keep declining in quantity. In this case, if the energy sector is to embrace alternative energy sources, scalability is essential in order to meet the challenges of implementation. In addition, the time frames allowed for the implementation of alternative energy projects have remained undefined in major projects and therefore limits the effectiveness of meeting demand and conserving the environment. Projects that last for 10 to 20 years are negligent of population forecasts and therefore meet challenges such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Shortpaper2: Creatingabetterworld Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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