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Food and your personal interest - Essay Example

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Food practices and food distribution has been an age old practice on a global scale.In stark contrast to the conventional food system where mass food production and distribution and usage of chemical pesticides, the alternative food movement is a community-based practice that supports growing and selling of fresh farm products at a local level…
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Food and your personal interest
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Download file to see previous pages The alternative food movement firstly focuses on the freshness and purity of the farm products which is far superior to what we buy from the counters at the supermarkets. These products are not only safe but also come at prices that are lower than the market since no third party is in between the transaction. Organic pesticides are usage of natural pesticides such as herbs or trees which have some insect repellant properties.Next, there is also increased usage of bio-fertilizers and organic pesticides which are also known as green pesticides. These natural products can be used to render protection to the plants and are derived from natural substances. These pesticides unlike the chemical and synthetic fertilizers do not harm the soil or have any effect on the food products that are being produced in the fields. These fertilizers are made from biofriendly substances with natural procedures. The growing interest of good food, safe food, interest in healthy and fresh food and scientific endeavor in all this has successfully sparked my interest in the subject area since gardening has always been my passion. In today’s times when biological sciences is filled with new innovations and technological advancements with the help of genetic engineering and biotechnological advancements, organic methods provides us a sense of being far from the artificial world. Genetic modification and genetically modified crops are being introduced in the market shelves and this has not been accepted by many since many of us prefer nature over science. Yes, scientific advancement is necessary but where there is a choice like organic farming and naturally produced fresh food, the latter is preferred. Organic food particularly is something that I am very much interested in not only for the reason that it tastes much better than food grown for consumerism but also because they are safe for us as well as our surroundings. The methodologies employed in the procedure are ecosystem friendly, highly adaptable and helps preserve biodiversity as well. I would love to take this innovation forward and spread it in the communities who can thereby have access to these farm fresh products and enjoy them straight from the farm without bearing extra costs or worrying about the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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