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1. What is sustainability and why is it necessary? ( Sustainability deals with environment movement as every living being is dependent on environment for survival, either directly or indirectly…
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Sustainable design
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Download file to see previous pages Sustainability involves all spheres of life and none of the spheres could be ignored as these spheres are interrelated. Sustainability involves development of an ecologically aware, socially just and economically responsible society (Web: "What is Sustainability & Why Is It so Important"). Sustainability as defined by World Commission on Environment and Development (1987) is, "forms of progress that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs" (Web: "Definition For Sustainability"). Sustainability is imperative in order to assure that a constant supply of water, material and resources will be available to prevent health and well being of the living beings and on the other hand to protect the environment from hazards (Web: "Sustainability"). E.g. A continuous water wastage may lead to water scarcity for future generations. However, it is destined to desalinate saltwater, with sustainable use of water one can postpone the fated time. 2. How is sustainability a new way of thinking? How is it related to ecology and systems thinking? Sustainability enables one to think in a novel way. It enables one to understand the balance between society and natural resources as natural resources play vital role for the existence of life on the planet. However, the natural capital stock and services of ecological systems contribute for the welfare of human beings (directly or indirectly) and represent the economy of earth. Estimations reveal that economic value for the whole biosphere approximates to US$ 16-54 trillion per annum. It is essential to understand the estimates to make the services of ecosystems apparent, to highlight the magnitude of global ecosystem services, to understand the areas seeking urgent attention, motivate research and debate. It could be concluded that problems and uncertainties are attributed to the representation of minimum values. Ecosystem involves habitat and biological systems. Living beings derive food (goods) from the ecosystem while services in the form of waste assimilation, together they are referred as ecosystem services. E.g. natural resources provide job prospects to many while living forms fulfill some part of the nature's requirement (Costanza et al., 1997). 3. How can designers integrate principles of sustainability into their designs and promote the sustainability movement? Why are the social and cultural aspects of sustainability so important? A growing concern is observed regarding appreciation of nature among the policy makers and decision maker in private companies to transform an unsustainable system to a sustainable system by involving the fundamental that economic growth is not solely a social event but it is also an environmental episode. Thereby, igniting a feeling to focus on green economy to make certain a sustainable as well as desirable future. Therefore social and cultural aspects of sustainability is imperative in order to promote social equality, eradication of poverty and to secure future of the coming generations in terms of natural resources. Such focus is further harmonized by means of biodiversity as well as ecosystem services, since resilient ecosystem is essential for long-term socio-economic development (Web: "Nature And Its Role In The Transition To A Green Economy"). Principles of Sustainable Design and Pollution Prevention (Kim, 1998) Economy of Resources- Strategies include conservation of energy, water and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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