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Sustainability Indicators - Essay Example

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Date Sustainability Indicator Program An indicator is an illustration given in different ways showing a community what aim has been set to them that they have to achieve and if the community is going in the right direction, how far the community is from the goal set to them, as to where they want to be in a set timeframe…
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Sustainability Indicators
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Download file to see previous pages There are two types of indicators used, sustainability indicator and a typical urban indicator. Sustainability indicators are much more precise, detailed and extensive. They give us a broader view of the economic, social and environmental situation as if each and every element of the society is interlinked with each other. Not only does it provide us with a view of these elements, but it also gives us prompt solutions to it. Urban indicators measure changes in each part of the community as if they were completely independent. However sustainability indicators demonstrate the reality that each and every segment of the community is tightly interconnected with each other ("What are urban indicators? | Information | Livable urban environments | MFE"). The main objective of this type of an indicator is to inform and publicize the policy making authorities by providing them information and values on any relative term while keeping every activity interlinked with the other. A demonstration to this statement can be made by giving an example of the social-economic activities, as to whether it is an improvement or not. Unemployment is measured by collecting data related to diversity and vitality of local jobs, number and size of companies and the variability of skill levels. In this given situation a number of different elements are considered and evaluated. It is not just focused on a single type of activity but takes a number of different activities in consideration, collects data and gives result. This helps the state take better decisions to improve sustainability. The decision-making authorities find solutions to different problems such as to the situation that stands, whether the targets are being met, is improvement being made and as to where they stand generally compared to other states. This brings about various positive impacts bringing about a change in the environmental and societal improvement. The chosen sustainability indicator measures and evaluates the community progress in relevance to environmental, economic and social sustainability. This identifies the state of the community and how to resolve the issue. It interprets data and defines how to preserve and improve the quality of living for the present and future generation. The indicators used are related to society, environment and health. Values related to good health are measured by estimates of healthy infants, teen pregnancy and HIV patients. Conditions of environmental issues are measured by collecting data of the change in environment, air quality, waste reduction and bicycling. Social improvement is measured by elements such as the graduation rate, crimes and employment rate. These indicators used are of high value to any society or community. They determine the future conditions, the development and proper functioning of any state. The city council that chose this particular sustainability indicator approved a 10 year target for each indicator and set a numerical goal of what is to be achieved. The indicators are divided into 3 main parts that are further divided into 26 sub indicators. Each indicator gives view of the target, data, and analysis of each element of the community as mentioned above. Through this website the community is tracking the improvements and progress made in the society. As to how much work is done and what work remains in order to attain high quality life standards. This is done keeping ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sustainability Indicators Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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