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Spirituality and Nature - Book Report/Review Example

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The book that I have just finished reading is Nature Walking which is a combined work of Emerson’s Nature and Thoreau’s Walking. In the book the authors have given a clear and beautiful description of Nature from American perspective…
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Spirituality and Nature
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Download file to see previous pages I felt Emerson’s attempt has been to redefine Western philosophy through the lens of nature, and has given a whole new logic to the belief that states existence of God. Thoreau has used a more subtle manner. He has been less philosophical but no less profound than Emerson. The essays I feel are beyond comparison and the book itself is pleasant to read. The book starts with an enlightening introduction by John Elder. He has beautifully explored the works of the authors and has expressed how Thoreau was inspired by the precise and shimmering language of Emerson to write his book on nature. The passages in this book has encouraged me to contemplate the reason why human beings feel connected to nature and appreciate the virtues of random walking with no fixed destination. The authors are pure representatives of transcendentalism according to which God presides in the inherent goodness of nature. Emerson states that humans are manifestation of creation and hence have the key to the mysteries of nature. It is through nature that one can understand the divine power. As a lover of “uncontained and immortal beauty” (Emerson & Thoreau, 8) Emerson believes that only by walking into the heart of nature one can feel separate from the material world. Nature substantiates the feeling that God is omnipresent, and so men become struck with wonder when having whole new view of familiar features of nature. Expounding this spiritual aspect of nature, Thoreau has defined the experience of walking as directionless wandering. Humans today are so indulged in materialistic lifestyle that they are deprived of walking in the proper spirit. Thoreau states that the path to be walked on should symbolize the ideal world of an individual’s choice. Theoreau propounds Emerson’s definition of nature as he says that only by separating the self from the confines of the materialistic world one can experience the true essence of directionless walking in the lap of nature. The Wilderness World Another book that has inspired me in recent times is The Wilderness World by John Muir. It is one book of Muir that I consider to be the most enthralling one. As a nature writer, his love for the wilderness has left its impression in his works and only establishes his fondness for “wild places and wild creatures” (Muir, 3). The poetic style of writing about nature and its beauty has captured my attention from the very first page. His inspirational form of talking about nature has revealed his analytical mind that gives attention to details. Muir was an adventurer and through his writings he can provoke the imagination of readers. The fact that the book has focused entirely on plants and animals has made it even more interesting and enjoyable. This book is Muir’s biography and compilation of his best writings that describe his experiences in the wilderness world. It is a collection of the memories of his youth, ecstasy in the valleys and wildlife of Sierra, explorations in the Far Western forests and Indian villages in Alaska. His writing style is powerful and gives exact observations of animals, birds, mountains and plains. However, the most inspirational part of the book is the final chapter The Philosophy of John Muir which emphasizes on the relation between man and nature. His philosophy is to reach the heart of nature by interpreting the language of nature by being an observant listener to all elements of natures like birds and waterfalls, storms and avalanches. A Sand County Almanac I have read many books that talk about conservation of nature and the future perils of mankind’s wasteful use of lands and water bodies. There is however one book by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Spirituality and Nature Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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