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Nature walk has become a universal trend in the ecotourism industry. The project seeks to espouse Nature Walk as the ecotourism activity within the Tropical forest biome. Venice, Florida, is the place of implementing the action …
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Ecotourism industry
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Download file to see previous pages Venice, Florida, is the place of implementing the action (Alexander 2013). Generally, nature walk opens up the area for positive interactions and dealings with the neighbourhoods. Inhabitants will particularly find prime chance to watch amazing beaches, fruit farms, waterfalls, rivers, and the vegetation cover. Nature Walk will further embrace tourists emanating from different parts of Florida and beyond its borders. Besides, the activity would help visitors discover and learn the cultural values and practices of the locals from different outlooks (Alexander 2013). Significance of Nature Walk to ecotourism and humanity is the critical aspect the project seeks to accentuate. According to the proposal, hospitality and tourism units of Venice city will play pivotal role in arranging and managing series of nature walks for different categories of people. First, the unit will accord residents and their families the opportunity to watch and feel the splendour of nature of Venice together with its neighbourhoods (Alexander 2013). All the revenues collected from the tourists and inhabitants shall assist in maintenance and repair of various ecotourism facilities as well as construction of advanced hanging bridges, pathways, eatery and boats. The array of activities that characterize nature walk will provide significant back up to environmental conservation and management policy (Alexander 2013). 2.0 Overview of Environmental Impacts Nature Walk and related activities have momentous impact on the environment and nature conservation approach. The negative impacts of nature walk include the following: i. Might result to destruction of wildlife habitation Such activity might contribute to widespread destruction of animals’ habitats. It is imperative to clear a part of the vegetation to pave way for establishment of pathways for tourists and residents. Since the activity contributes to destruction of certain habitats belonging to certain animals, birds, microorganisms in the soil among others, it is important that size and frequency of the pathways be regulated. Adults and even children taking part in the nature walk might accidentally cause fires in forests. Sometimes, they spill chemical substance in water hence putting at risk the lives of certain animals and aquatic life (Davis & Davis 2011). ii. Killing of wild animals Individuals who take participate in this activity might resort to killing or inflicting serious injuries on wild animals they come across for fear of their own security. Although the measure seeks to give assurance to participants of their safety and security, it is a threat to wildlife just like unauthorized hunting and poaching (Davis & Davis 2011). Rampant killing of certain rare species of animals might render such species becoming extinct. iii. A hindrance to wildlife movements Nature Walk will compromise unrestricted movements within the ecosystem. In the process, some animal species will migrate from the forest or water body as they scamper for safety. Killing of wild animals will further scare away such animals, which would then mean they are confined to their habitats for much longer period (Davis & Davis 2011). The higher the population of participants during the nature walk the more the animals get restricted to their habitats. iv. May lead to pollution of air, water and soil Careless fires, decomposing food items and chemical substances are a threat to the surrounding. 3.0 Environmental Benefits of Project Apart from the negative effects, nature walk result to a number of benefits to the environment. These include: Nature walk as an ecotourism activity will the locals realize the significance of conserving nature. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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