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The topic of this should explain your ethical stand on environmental issues, in keeping with the focus of this course - Research Paper Example

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INCINERATION PROCESS BEING ETHICALLY UNACCEPTED Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Abstract: Incineration is among many other technologies that are in use for waste treatment and which involves the combustion of the organic constituents found in waste materials (Warhurst and Watson, 2006)…
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The topic of this paper should explain your ethical stand on environmental issues, in keeping with the focus of this course
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Extract of sample "The topic of this should explain your ethical stand on environmental issues, in keeping with the focus of this course"

Download file to see previous pages Environmental conservation dictates that the gas must be subjected to treatment before being released into the atmosphere in order to reduce the pollution of the environmental through hazardous gaseous compounds contained in the gas. Despite, getting rid of the waste materials, incineration process generates a lot of heat, which is often used for production of electricity, which on the other side is very useful in a variety of ways. The processes involved in the incineration of waste materials have undergone through evolutionary stages with better and more improved mechanisms being adopted to address the issues of shortcomings of the process at large. Among other issues that have faced great attention in improving the processes involved in incineration are the cleaning and treatment of the gasses emitted as well as safe combustion control methods to ensure the safety of the human beings that are involved in the process. This has therefore led to adoption of favorable precautionary measures being designed and adopted both for the sake of operations at the incineration plant as well as for the sake of environmental concerns. Environmental ethics as used and applied within the sphere of human interactions regards with esteem the sovereignty of all life. Ethics refer to such activities that expose human beings and other living organisms such as animals and plants to hazardous conditions as unfavorable and this necessitates the design and adoption of other mechanisms of managing waste products, which would ensure the safety of all living organisms including the human beings (Brennan and Lo, 2008). Among notable improvements in the modern day incineration processes is the inclusion of separation stage, which had not been included in the traditional processes. The failure to remove the hazardous materials in the traditional practices exposed the workers to health risks as well as exposing the public to environmental risks. Moreover, the traditional practices failed to utilize the resultant heat for such uses as in generation of electricity. The methods were thus criticized of neglecting ethical concerns, which has great implication to entire life at large. Burning the trash has been advocated for in the methods used in waste-to-energy procedures of waste management practices. It has been used as one of the most effective method of producing renewable energy. It is a method that has been used in converting the residential, hazardous and commercial wastes into more friendly forms, which would be effective in conserving the environment as well as improving human life by reducing the hazards created by the waste materials. Waste food scraps, papers and plastics are among other wastes that are treated through incineration. The combustion of these products produces a lot of heat, which is used within many countries to produce electricity. However, it is worth noting that not all incineration plants adopted worldwide are used for electricity production. Among other benefits cited by the supporters of incineration as a method off addressing wastes are creation of employment, reducing the health risks that are associated with the organic waste materials, environmental conservation and the production of the electricity that can be used for other uses (Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, 2012). Incineration process involves a relatively higher number of people who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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