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Environmental Fundamentals Paper Name: Institution: Environmental Fundamentals Paper Question One As a multidisciplinary, dynamic, and academic field, environmental science entails the study of non-living and living constituents of the environment and their interactions, with particular emphasis on how human beings impact the constituents…
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Environmental Fundamentals Paper
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Download file to see previous pages by physicists through their proficiency in physical laws. Computer scientists, mathematicians and engineers are involved in environmental science through computer modeling and technical innovations. Biomedical expertise contributes by assessing health repercussions of environmental issues, such as disease and pollution. Question Two In the 20th century, scientific and technological advancements contributed largely to the development of industrial societies that used underground resources extensively. This resulted in societies characterized by large-volume production, consumption and waste. However, on the other hand, the resources of the earth are limited, as well as the natural environment’s ability to assimilate the enormous volumes of waste (Carson, 2002). This has given rise to environmental issues globally, ranging widely from acid rain to global warming, tropical rainforests and ozone layer destruction and desertification. Environmentalists have traced all these occurrences to the increasing human activity facilitated by growth in science and technology. However, the progress of science and technology can also be used to resolve global environmental issues. The same power of science and technology can develop monitoring systems to warn of dangerous levels of pollution or emissions, hence triggering reduction or control measures. Innovations that have positively impacted the environment include the hybrid car and the catalytic converter. Science and technology can, therefore, be both a cause and solution to environmental issues in society today. Question Three The concept of environmental sustainability is important because it addresses ways in which human beings can accomplish a lifestyle that meets their fundamental survival requirements in a manner that can carry on indefinitely without causing harm to the natural ecosystems as well as their biodiversities. As a key topic in environmental studies, sustainability is an example of how policy and environmental science may be used to resolve environmental problems. Historically, unsustainable interactions between people and their environments have been linked to migration, whereby human activity tampers with the ecosystem in a new settlement due to lack of technology or knowledge for sustainable interaction (Carson, 2002). With the ongoing non-sustainable human population explosion, the study of sustainability promotes the problem solving skills and facilitates problem-oriented researches towards a sustainable use of resources. The enormous global human population of over seven billion is rapidly heading towards an unsustainable level in terms of resource utilization, which makes sustainability more than just a study area, but also an economic, social and political tool in community service. Question Four Human intentions towards nature determine how they play their role towards sustainability and conservation. Organic farming, green building and recycling contribute towards sustaina ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Environmental Fundamentals Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/environmental-studies/1480867-environmental-fundamentals-paper.
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