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This essay describes the book by Barry Sanders entitled The Green Zone, that is discussing the danger of the ever-growing threats of global warming and the explosions, that are regarded as a significant one cause of it, that has made the whole world cautious about our surrounding environment. …
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The Green Zone by Sanders, Barry
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Download file to see previous pages This essay describes the book entitled Green Zone, that is based on research collected from documents leaked or provided by military itself. Green Zone is the first to present a complete analysis of the link between ecological degradation and militarism. People have taken steps to restrict the emissions from the factories and automobiles, but the radiations from these explosions can’t be restricted and the book “The Green Zone: The Environmental Costs of Militarism” by Barry Sanders is based on this theme which claims, the U.S military contributes greatly towards the overall degradation of the environment causing harm to the animals & humans. Barry is a Fulbright Senior Scholar Grant recipient and he is the author of eleven books. The author accuses the U.S. Military for causing hazards to the nature as they are one of the prominent sources of pollution because they use non-renewable fossil fuels on earth. Sanders who has been nominated for the Pulitzer prize twice, explains in his 2009 book, that U.S. military emits 750000 tons of radioactive waste on a yearly basis. Further he adds that we all know how to combat the environmental harm by applying the methods of compost, recycling, banning the use of plastic bags, using solar energy & restricting the unnecessary usage of electricity. But we have no idea how to eliminate militarism from the whole world. In simple terms it can be said that militarism is the primary threat to nature. As long as militarism exists, we are unprotected.

“Green Zone” is based on research collected from documents leaked or provided by military itself. “Green Zone” is the first to present a complete analysis of the link between ecological degradation and militarism. The book includes a motivating introduction by renowned scholar Mike Davis. Facts & Findings In his book Sanders states, "By turning nuclear waste into weapons, the Pentagon offered proof of true Yankee ingenuity. On the one hand the Pentagon had found a solution to a huge storage problem and, on the other, it had created a new and powerful, highly useful category of weaponry. And the solution came with a bonus for arms manufacturers, for the military could offer all their nuclear waste to them free of charge. Up to that point, arms makers had to use the non-radioactive alternative, tungsten, as a penetrator, most of which they mined in China, and that proved very expensive." (Smith) Reports say that the rate of disability among the veterans of World War I and World War II was 5 %. Again the rate of disability for Vietnam War amounted to around 10%, Sanders says"...more than half (56 percent) who served in Gulf War I have permanent medical problems....the long-term effect of DU is a virtual death sentence." The U.S. mil­i­tary is the “sin­gle largest source of pol­lu­tion in this coun­try and in the world”, as was stated by Sanders. Whenever we discuss the effect of pollution on our envi­ron­men­t, we seem to forget the military forces operating across the earth who contributes most towards the disturbance of the ecological balance of the planet. Sanders describe this situation as urgent which needs to be taken care of very soon. He further argues that, the world would still remain prone to cli­mate & environmental dis­as­ter, even if all the individual on Earth takes all the “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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