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Your Name Due Date Considering Climate Change People who live in a certain place long enough notice when weather patterns are so different than they once were. The summers they experience are not as hot and the winters are not so cold; or not cold at all…
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Due Considering Climate Change People who live in a certain place long enough notice when weather patterns are so different than they once were. The summers they experience are not as hot and the winters are not so cold; or not cold at all. It is continuous, persistent changes that are neither subsiding nor returning to remembered “norms.” But, what could cause that? Climate change, an occurrence beginning to happen all over the world, is much more than change in weather, but a transition from one specific ecosystems typical year-round, functioning environment into another.("What is Climate Change?") These changes could permanently alter these ecosystems in ways that are foolish to ignore. In order to understand the topic of climate change better it is necessary to review the importance of recognizing climate change, what contributes to these changes and how to prevent, if possible, further future damage. As stated, climate change includes more than just daily weather patterns. It involves the greater patterns of seasons, yearly precipitations, wind, and humidity. The climates are what people depend upon to determine their harvests, base their economies, and the traditions of certain cultures. Ecosystems are full of plants, and animals that may not survive if the climate were to permanently change. This goes beyond the affect of day to day weather changes. People, also, often confuse climate change with “global warming.” Although the two are linked they are not interchangeable terms, Global warming, obviously, speaks to the warming of the planet as a whole entity. Climate change specifically refers to the effects globally, continentally, as well as, regional and local areas. The climate of any given area is necessary to maintain the existence of plants, the animals, and people living there.("What is Climate Change?") Climate changes are caused by a domino process of events. In nature so many things are interconnected and dependent upon one another. A great contributor to the problem is carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere along with other greenhouse gases, like methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases, which leads to “heat trapping.” The more gases, the more heat trapped, the greater the temperature will rise, and over a continuous period of time, environmentally disruptive climate changes can occur. One of the greatest causes of excess carbon dioxide and ‘greenhouse gases” is human beings and their use of fossil fuels, which includes energy sources like natural gas, oil, and coal. It, also, results from factories, landfills, septic and sewer waste, mining, and deforestation. In 2007, the “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change” determined that 90% of the warming phenomena occurring over the last 50-60 years can be attributed to the activities of human beings.("What is Climate Change?") Living things are completely connected to the environments they live, be it plant, animal, or human being. Earth has enjoyed stable climates since the last ice age, however, the continuous build up of greenhouse gases, warming land and ocean masses, and climate changes will result in changes to water supplies, power, transportation, agriculture, and even, health and safety. If the warming continues, it means we cannot guarantee or predict the stability of climates in the future.("Climate Change: Basic Information" 1) Unfortunately, as serious of an issue as this is, little is changing to rectify the problem, at least at present; there are no universal plans or solutions in immediate motion. In fact, only about 58% of Americans perceive climate change to be a serious issue. This leaves 42% of United States citizens believing that no change on humanity’s part is necessary. Researchers have suggested that there are five reasons why many Americans are not concerned about this, and other, serious environmental issues.(Austin 1) 1. Psychological- No one wants to face the idea of the apocalyptic effect that climate change could result in. If they do not admit that there is a problem, then it does not exist. 2. Economic- Change is expensive. Change is financially inconvenient and uncertain. 3. Political- The issue has gotten lost in the political inefficiency of Democratic and Republican parties that refuse to agree on anything. Therefore, this. like many other important issues, get stagnated. 4. Epistemological- Only scientists believe in things like climate changes, global warming, and greenhouse gases. We, also, cannot prove that their proof is valid. 5. Metaphysical- Essentially, do not worry about the future. “God” would never let anything so awful happen and allow millions of people to die. Regardless of any of the above reason are true and can explain the American statistical ignorance of this very serious environmental consideration, actions should be taken. It may not be possible to undo the damage human beings as a species have done to negatively to affect the planet, but they can use the knowledge we have today to prevent us from contributing to it anymore. Seriously consider “greener” technologies, like solar energy or harnessing the power of the wind. Consider using less chemical and using more organic and natural products. Take the time to educate yourself and make wiser choices; choices that can be beneficial to society, but, also, friendly to the environment. Researchers estimate that the Earth’s temperature has risen 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit in the last century and they are now estimating that that number will only increase over the century to come. ("Climate Change: Basic Information" 1) This temperature increase, along with continuing use of fossil fuels will result in disastrous consequences for many, if not all, ecosystems. The concerns are no longer the “zealot-like warning” of scientists and naturalists, they are very real. Human beings have for generations slowly but surely, unintentionally and ignorantly, have contributed to the causes and continuation to the concern of climate change. That places a great deal of responsibility upon us to try to mend the damage we have done and continue to do. Despite arguments in opposition there is tangible, calculable proof that global warming, ozone damage, loss of resources, and climate changes are occurring in the United States, and all over the world. The change may seem small and slow, but the ultimate ramifications could be far greater than imagined, if the life in ecosystems cannot adapt to the changes that might occur. Nature is amazing, yet a very fragile thing. Why would we not take the necessary actions to benefit the world as a whole? It is possible for humanity to change its ways and focus on repairing and salvaging the environments of the world for future generations; our descendents whom we would like to leave a beautiful, functional, and environmentally stable world to live in. Works Cited Austin, E.G. "Why don't Americans believe in global warming?” Economist. 11 Feb. 2011: 1. Web. 8 May. 2013. . United States. United States Environmental Protection Agency. Climate Change: Basic Information. 2013. Web. . "What is Climate Change?." Climate Change. The Department of Ecology: State of Washington. Web. 8 May 2013. . Read More
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