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Name: Course: Professor: Date: ‘Path out of Homelessness, Introduction Homelessness is a tragedy faced by most of the nations today. The vicious circle of this phenomenon has led millions of people to lose their homes, jobs and families and gain addictions, loneliness and suffering…
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Paths out of homelessness in chicago
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Download file to see previous pages However, there are several issues that shall be faced while reaching to the desired state and respective goals and objectives must be attained in order to tackle these issues effectively. Chicago needs a steadfast plan of action to eliminate homelessness to minimum acceptable levels, deciding on objectives to be achieved, steps to be taken, who shall take the initiative and what population must be targeted in priority. Chicago’s environment Internal Causes Internal Effects External Causes External Effects Severe levels of addiction to alcohol and drugs Affected mental stability and health of the homeless Fall in individuals’ income levels and unemployment in Chicago Homelessness consumes national funding and increases residents’ taxes Social and sexual abuse for children and lack of parental guidance Behavioral problems especially in children Adverse local housing market conditions making it unaffordable for Chicago masses Homeless people engage in criminal activities thereby harming others Family frictions eventually causing parents to turn children out of home Loss of community connectedness and social life Racial, status, social and other demographic differences between Chicago residents Cleanliness cannot be ensured causing health and hygiene related issues in Chicago (Fertig and Reingold, 2007) SWOT Analysis Strengths: Availability of surplus community resources adequate to cater the homeless in Chicago; presence of performance management systems with authorities of the Chicago government to collect information about homeless, measure statistics and prioritize people in order of need for aid; and strong relations and ties with outside countries and other American states shall enable it to bring in foreign aid support for the homeless in crucial times of need. Weaknesses: Lack of political will to bring about improvements and eliminate homelessness at state level for Chicago; inadequacy of community support from other Chicago residents to help the poor and homeless since the busy lives racing for money don’t allow them enough time and sympathy for others; and large size of this state with only a limited amount of funding makes it an extremely difficult job for government to operate smoothly, not only satisfying its abiding taxpayers but also managing to save surplus for the homeless. Opportunities: Chicago has a severe educational and illiteracy problem and this area has lot of room for improvement and therefore government should capitalize here to create better employment opportunities; Chicago needs foreign funding to accommodate its overpopulated region and therefore it should work efficiently and effectively in industrial areas to manufacture goods and services that attract foreign funding and investments; and the government should join international bodies that exist for these purposes only and should participate actively in grooming homeless slums of Chicago. Threats: Denial of help from foreign economies and international charitable bodies working for these causes; political pressures for own benefits might eventually stifle this cause; and lack of housing schemes available for the homeless due to full accommodation. Vision of path out of homelessness in Chicago Chicago shall become homeless-free through community engagement, creating unlimited employment opportunities, development of housing scheme ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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