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How to Reduce Environmental Pollution Using Alternative Energy Sources - Essay Example

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The paper "How to Reduce Environmental Pollution Using Alternative Energy Sources" describes when the aspect of pollution is a byproduct of or an inadvertent action on an industrial driven economy. Energy is the driving force of an industrial process, however…
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How to Reduce Environmental Pollution Using Alternative Energy Sources
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Extract of sample "How to Reduce Environmental Pollution Using Alternative Energy Sources"

Download file to see previous pages Nature not only exists for humans alone but also for all species and as such, argues Miller et al. (2008 p, 17) there is need to encourage environmentally friendly forms of economic growth and development and discourage earth degrading forms (such as toxic emission from fossil fuels). It is here that the renewable sources of energy come in to help avert the dangers posed to the environment by the fossil fuels. To what level, it should be asked, do alternative energy sources help arrest the situation? And how ‘clean’ are the alternative sources? The benefits of alternative sources are well known, authoritatively asserts Renewable Energy Resources (2007, p, 207). They produce little or no pollution emissions and reduce dependency on the finite resources. The National Atlas of the US website (2012) also confirms this, but is quick to point out that even though the renewable sources are non-polluting, the structures built to harness them are two edged: they impact both positively and negatively on the environment. The intensity of the environmental impact or emissions caused by power generation depends on a number of factors such as the electricity generation technology used, how much electricity is generated, air pollution control devices used, the geographical location among other factors( US Environmental Protection Agency ,2012). A closer look at each of the renewable sources in many ways tries to answer the questions asked above. Solar Power Solar power is arguably the best thing going, at least from the environmental perspective. With it there are no acid rains, no urban smog or pollution of any kind (Alternative Energy, 2013). Clean and sustainably energy, that’s how the US Environmental Protection Agency (2012) describes solar power. Solar...
As such, environmental impacts differ depending on the conversion and cooling technology applied Hydropower refers to the use of water to produce electricity. The hydroelectric power plants use dams to store water which is released from behind the dam flowing through a turbine. The water then spins the turbine, turning a generator to produce electricity. It is one of the least expensive sources of electricity. Not only does the dams provide power but also other substantial benefits such as recreation opportunities on upstream reservoirs, habitat for aquatic and terrestrial organisms, diversion of water for irrigation and control of destructive flooding. The environmental impacts of dams vary widely, but current regulations and policies have attempted to address the issues. For example, fish migration has been having been addressed with the use of fish ladders and other structures.In conclusion, renewable sources of energy provide a better alternative to the conventional energy sources, at least with the aim of curbing global warming and pollutant emissions. A shift from the fossil fuels to the renewable sources, therefore, promises a healthier environment. However, there seem to be other factors such as economic growth, population, and consumption of the energy and other resources that are proving to be hindrances in this mission of relieving the overburdened Mother Nature. Unless there is a reduction in energy use and other resources, renewable energy alone cannot achieve this mission of combating global warming. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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