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Ethical issues in packaging practices - Research Paper Example

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Ethical Issues in Packaging Practices I. Introduction Packaging of products can be regarded as one of the effective and exceptional marketing concepts, which plays an outstanding role for the organizations in terms of promoting their products. The concept of packaging significantly represents the character of the products and it plays a role of trendsetter in the current growing consumer based market…
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Ethical issues in packaging practices
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Download file to see previous pages In accordance with the present trend of the global business environment, it is often observed that the organizations seek to invest on exceptional and creative packaging practices within the business process to draw a large number of potential users for their offerings. It has been observed from several decades that the global marketers are increasingly executing packaging practices to attract customers towards their range of offerings. Nevertheless, at times it is apparently recognized that the producers in the global business environment tend to mislead their consumers through practicing different types of conspicuous packaging of their products (Fan, 2005). Emphasizing upon the present environmental concern, the primary objective of this paper is to demonstrate an effective analysis on different ethical issues which are created by the modern business organizations in terms of utilizing their packaging practices. Moreover, the discussion of this paper will further focus on highlighting major impacts of packaging practices and their potential adverse impacts on the environment. At the end of this paper, prospective suggestive measures will also be represented in order to prevent the impact of packaging practices on the global environment. II. Ethical Issues in Packaging Practices Marketing activities of the organizations are often recognized by the customers as one of the most unethical elements of the business strategies. This statement can be identified as one of the major drawbacks of organizational marketing activities especially in terms of packaging practices. In relation to the present rapidly increasing competitive business environment, organizations often tend to involve various unethical practices concerning their packaging and labeling of products (Bone & Corey, 2000). Different studies concerning the notion of packaging practices have depicted diverse types of ethical issues that the marketers raise in terms of achieving competitive position. In this regard, it can be recognized from the study of Shimp (2003) that the notion of packaging significantly tends to involve four types of ethical issues. In this context, the marketers face the issues concerning the label information, safety, and label graphics along with environmental issues. II. a. Label Information The label information of the product packaging helps the customers to clearly identify the features, ingredients, price along with other important messages through which they can identify their exact expectations. Moreover, the labeling of products also ensures the customers in terms of availing appropriate products as per their needs and desires. However, marketers in the present business world are frequently involved on misleading their customers through presenting imaginary information concerning their product characteristics. For instance, the information concerning low fats/cholesterol or purity of contained ingredients within the products are frequently practiced by a few of the food processing organizations. In addition, the ethical issue relating to represent information differently in the similar category of products is also practiced by the marketers, which enables them to attract new customers segments for their products (Shimp, 2003). Therefore, it can be stated that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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