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Environmental Studies Name Institution Course Date 1. The relationship among urban dwellers Urban areas are the center of money and developments. As such, people move to settle in the urban. People join various activities like, teaching, journalism, social work, politics, and other industrial activities with the view of improving their lives…
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Answers to questions
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Download file to see previous pages In Europe cities, the urban social world is a set of compartments in which most of the people in one compartment encompass no contact with the person in the other compartment. This means that the social life in the region is scrappy. However, advantages of the urban life are weighed against estrangement issues, stress, increased daily costs, and negative social aspects. This comes because of marginalization. From these classical theories, it is clear that people travel to the cities in search of new fortunes, and the social mobility. Industries that provide jobs and exchange in the capital are concentrated in the urban areas, which contribute much into this chief shift from the rural areas. The foreign money flows in a country through the ports and banking systems. In within the urban areas, people move to different within a short period due to proximity to these jobs and other activities. As a result, interaction between these people becomes difficulty since most of the persons are concentrated on their development issues. This has caused a significant stress to these dwellers because they have greater activity in certain areas while their brains are involved negative moods. On the view of the principal division in the social contact, many issues are in the verge of breaking up like the mental illness, such as schizophrenia, anxiety, and mood disorders. Therefore, these main shifts and little or no contacts render the social life in cities cold and unemotional (Shannon, Kleniewski & Cross, 1991). 2. Coalition The growth coalition is an organization that ensures a level playing field between the real estate development and the citizen in the urban area. The main aim is to promote a vibrant and a sustainable growth as well as enhancing the relationship. Growth coalition is observed in two dimensions, through the national power structure and the local power structure. The local power structures are land based growth coalitions, which seek to intensify the land use. These structures are opposed by neighborhoods they raid or pollute, and by environmentalists. However, the land based growth coalition has raised a conflict between the growth elites and the neighbors on the growth conditions of increasing rents. This makes the land based structure to take interest that profit them from the increase of the land use. They see their future as uniting link because of common desires to increase their individual packages. Concentrations in the no decent houses are for h low income earners, which is a pressure to the local growth coalition. These growth coalitions face oppositions when it affects neighborhoods or the environment through the high prices, new open ways, the industrial pollution, noise among other factors. This leaves the poor mostly affected in the growth coalitions. In response to this, we should encourage the liberal regimes to expand their opportunities, employment, and services for the poor without challenging the growth coalitions. This will help to increase the developments. Through empowering, the poor and the minority for affordable housing will help much in the development. Other factors that will step up the growth is by acquiring resources to aid in the local government, promote the traditional growth coalitions, as well as the slashed social services. This growth will promote in generating jobs and tax revenues if properly managed (Shannon, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Answers to Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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