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Insert name Name of institution Name of professor Date Nuclear energy The world’s population has been on the increase since 1970s assuming a steady upward trend mostly in the developing world. The population in the developed world has somehow seemed to stagnate and is projected to level off at some point in the future…
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Nuclear Energy
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Download file to see previous pages The most alarming factor concerning the rapid population growth around the world is their need to access to the resources which they use to make a living out of (Sovacool). Despite the growth and the increased demand on the natural resources by the increasing human population, these natural resources have not been appreciating in value but have been depreciating instead as the pressure is exerted on them due to increased human demands. Besides industrialization has been on the increase as well as many countries try to fight out for their survival within their niches with regard to the diminishing natural resources. The main driving force for economic development and the running of various industries around the globe is energy. This actually means that as the world’s industrial growth continues to expand, a lot of energy is required to run the industries as well as other sectors of economic productivity. It is however an amazing discovery made by the scientists concerning the provision of energy requirements for the increasing world populations with the diminishing trend in the natural resource endowments which is in contrary with the world population growth. This paper will look at the process of nuclear energy development around the globe and its implications for the global population. The aspect of increasing energy requirements and the need to plan adequately for the future generations with the diminishing natural resource base lead to the coining of the term sustainable development which cropped up during the earth summit in Rio De Jenairo in 1992 which aimed at striking a balance between the increasing human populations and the energy demands and call for the use of these natural resources in a sustainable manner (Wiberg). The summit, commonly known as the Rio Summit/the Rio declaration defined sustainable development as the type of development which caters for the needs of the present generations without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs. This therefore meant that the present generation had to use her energy and other natural resources in such a way that they wouldn’t compromise the ability of the future generations to use the same resources to meet their own needs. The declaration made several countries to decide otherwise with regard to their protection of the natural resources hence the development of the nuclear energy as an alternative form to supplement and help sustain the non- renewable forms of energy such as hydro- electric energy, wood energy as well as the petroleum energy which is currently in high demand and widely used in the industrial sector but which is diminishing at a very high rate since it is non- renewable. Nuclear energy as Wiberg notes is that type of energy which is obtained by splitting the nucleus of certain radioactive atoms such as uranium, a process referred to as nuclear fission or nuclear tracking (Wiberg). The increasing demands on the requirements in the world has led to the overuse of the carbon related energy such as petroleum and coal energy which have only increased the extent of carbon gas emission in the atmosphere. Carbonic gas, which is known as a common and the most dangerous greenhouse gas resulting from emissions emanating from the extensive use of fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal, has immensely contributed to extensive global warming ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nuclear Energy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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Nuclear Energy

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