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The paper 'The Truth about Nuclear Energy' presents nuclear power which can be identified as the use of sustained nuclear fission to produce electricity and heat. According to research, nuclear power constitutes approximately 6% of the world’s energy…
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The Truth about Nuclear Energy
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Research shows that nuclear energy is sustainable, however; this form of energy has also been associated with the numerous threats it poses to the environment. Some of the most common nuclear disasters known include the Three Mile Island Accident (1979), Chernobyl disaster (1986) and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster (2011) (Cravens, 2007). However, experts are still carrying out research regarding safety improvements in nuclear energy. This is with the sole aim of finding out if nuclear power’s hazardous side can be eliminated. This will then ensure that opponents of nuclear power embrace its creation, testing and ultimate use.
The countries that have significantly invested in nuclear energy include China, the United States, and Japan. In this case, the United States was recognized as the largest producer of nuclear energy. In most cases, nuclear energy is employed in the propulsion of ships (nuclear marine propulsion), production of electricity and space vehicles among other uses. In the past, most of the countries used nuclear power in the construction of weapons of mass destruction. This was most prevalent in the World War II era (Cravens, 2007).
In conclusion, nuclear power has been identified as a conventional fuel resource. This involves the use of the uranium element which is a constituent of dirt and rocks found in large water bodies. Furthermore, the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) is an international organization which was set up to promote the safety awareness of nuclear facilities (Cravens, 2007). Read More
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The Truth about Nuclear Energy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 358 Words.
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