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Multiculturalism versus cosmopolitanism: Impact on and of education - Essay Example

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Multiculturalism versus cosmopolitanism: Impact on and of education. Australia, with its multicultural society, has been practicing the official policy of multiculturalism since the 1970s, mostly as a tool to remediate its history of racism and denied pluralism (Ang and Stratton, 1998, p.22)…
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Multiculturalism versus cosmopolitanism: Impact on and of education
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Download file to see previous pages Leaders like Pauline Hanson and the extreme positions taken by the like, have brought to the fore a suppressed wish to see Australia as a united strong nation that is homogenously white (Ang and Stratton, 1998, p.24). As everyday politics always tend to swim with the tide, the government in power has also been putting up a weak fight against this propaganda against multiculturalism, though this propaganda has so far remained in the margins of social discourses (Ang and Stratton, 1998, p.24). The result is that a question is newly raised whether multiculturalism is the right term to explain a government policy that deals with “cultural diversity” (Ang and Stratton, 1998, p.24). A heated debate is going on. It is a way of any society that cultural diversity will eventually find its most dangerous enemy in cultural identity. Humans need to belong to a culture and through that, identify with a group. Often, coexistence of different cultures would be understood as a threat to cultural identity by such groups. The extent of cultural diversity in Australia has been such that “150 different cultures, 80 religions and 90 languages” co-exist inside this country (Ang and Stratton, 1998, p.25). ...
The “historical memories” of a people, when goes unaccounted for, in this manner, are bound to give rise to dissent (Ang and Stratton, 1998, p.22). In the eager attempt to undo the injustice done to the minorities, what happened is that the majority had to let go of its priviileges and even a few, just rights. The two-decade long discourse on multiculturalism in Australia has thus, though being successful in incorporating this ideological project into the national ethos, failed to make the majority feel secure and ready to accept their place in the society and culture of the nation. This issue arises also in the specific cultural context of Australia. Racial purity has been a core concern in the history of Australia since it came into existence as a nation state (Ang and Stratton, 1998, p.28). There existed a strong self-identity among Australian people in history as a “white nation” (Ang and Stratton, 1998, p.28). Then started the anti-tacist discourse bringing in the policy of assimilation first and upon its failure, multiculturalism (Ang and Stratton, 1998, p.32). By glossing over the racist tendencies and failing to really face the racial realities, the term, multiculturalism, proved to be lacking the courage to lead the society towards a balance between cultural diversity and cultural identity (Ang and Stratton, 1998, p.37). When it comes to the specific instance of education within a multicultural policy framework, research have shown many issues of compatibility and culture (Leeman and Reid, 2006, p.57). Studies from Australia and Netherlands provide evidence to this (Leeman and Reid, 2006, p.57). Scientific studies have also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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