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Out of Africa, Biological Adam and Eve Student enter the Name and Code Number University or College Name of Professor 21st March, 2013. Part. 1: Introduction Human beings have always thought about where they come from. The existence of human race and its evolution have always been something of human interest…
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Out of Africa, Biological Adam and Eve
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Download file to see previous pages All that we know about Adam and Eve is that they were the first human beings on earth. They were banished from heaven and sent to earth as punishment. Human brain inquires many questions over this small statement. Is this a true tale? Were Adam and Eve really the first human beings? If they were punished or banished from heaven then why are we here? And, is this all a punishment? Theology and science have been into cold war on these topics from the very beginning. This is because science accepts logic and evidences however, religion expects one to believe in whatever is told without any doubts. The aspects of the existence of universe and that of mankind are discussed side by side in this assignment. Adam and Eve are the first two human beings i.e. male and female, created by God. He wanted them to live in heaven and gave them superiority over the other creations of His. He made every possible luxury available to them but ordered them to avoid only one thing. He ordered them to stay away from one tree. That tree is termed as tree of knowledge which contained the knowledge of evil and good in it. Some mythological tales state that the tree of knowledge had “apples” on it. Satan misguided Eve and made her go near the tree. She being the only companion of Adam convinced him to accompany her. On this act God became angry with them and banished them from garden of heaven. He expelled them from heaven and made them spend their lives on earth. Also, he did not keep their lives free of tension or evil. It is in many mythological tales that God made humans suffer by giving women childbirth pain and by making men face the hardships of earning livelihood and farming etc. It is also found in historic writings and theological information that they were expelled to earth and sent to Africa. This tale is what we all know but how we are connected to Adam and Eve and how our roots connect with Africa is still a mystery. There are many paintings made by people of different faith over this incident. They all tell something different yet all are common at the point of naming both the humans as Adam and Eve. The topic under discussion throws light over Adam and Eve existence, their expulsion from heaven, their lives on earth, their multiplication and migration. Bombarded with philosophy, theology and science, the questions of human race existence are answered to unravel the facts unknown to most of our generation. Part. 2: Out of Africa, Biological Adam and Eve Adam and Eve were the first human couple due to which we are here today. This is the little piece of information we all have. There are numerous things dwelling between the above mentioned two simple lines. Let us discuss the religious, scientific and logical aspects of this simple story which starts becoming complex as we analyze its different aspects. 2.1 Religious Aspect about the existence of Adam and Eve According to the religious perspective, Adam and Eve were meant to live in Eden and enjoy God’s bounties without having any unfulfilled desire. God created every luxury in heaven for them. He gave them superiority over other beings and excused them from the hardships of life (House and Grover, 2009, pp.31-36). House and Grover (2009, pp.32) state that Mattew Henry exemplified Eve to be created from Adam’s rib because God did not want him to live alone. The woman created from the rib has the logical justification of not to rule over man, be by his side for his support, to be guarded and loved. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Out of Africa, Biological Adam and Eve Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words)
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“Out of Africa, Biological Adam and Eve Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/environmental-studies/1471232-out-of-africa-biological-adam-and-eve.
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