Environmental justice:looking at how environmental factors can affect communities and environment. (war and environmental justic - Essay Example

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Environmental Justice: War Environmental Justice: War According to Butisingh (2008), “Mankind is systematically destroying the sensitive ecosystems which support life on earth. To date, very little effort is being made to stop and correct the damage being done” (Butisingh, 2008)…
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Environmental justice:looking at how environmental factors can affect communities and environment. (war and environmental justic
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Download file to see previous pages At the same time, the same science and technology caused plenty of damage to the environment and nature so that the concerns over the sustainment of life in this world are growing. Atmospheric temperature rise and climate changes are causing damage at one side and environmental problems such as air pollution, land pollution and water pollution are raising threats on the other side. Energy crisis is one of the major problems facing by all the countries irrespective of developed or developing countries. The available natural energy sources are exhausting rapidly because of its nonrenewable nature. At the same time, energy needs are increasing day by day because of the heavy industrialization and the increased use of automobiles. In short, utilization of alternate energy sources became inevitable at present. Nuclear power is the alternate energy option most of the countries are trying to develop. Even though only few countries have the necessary technology to utilize nuclear power, many other countries are currently trying to develop nuclear energy technologies for their energy needs. One of the major problems associated with nuclear power technology is that it can be used for constructive as well as destructive objectives. In other words, nuclear power can be used not only for energy needs but also for making nuclear arsenal which can be used in wars. This paper analyses the topic environmental justice with the help of the impacts caused by nuclear wars and nuclear power reactor accidents upon communities. Environmental justice “Environmental Justice is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies” (Environmental Justice, 2012). Even though, United States like developed countries have brought forward concepts such as environmental justice, they are the major culprits in violating these concepts. For example, America is currently exporting many outdated electronic products to third world countries. Computers and mobile phones of the past decades are exporting to the third world countries free of cost. Third world countries on the other hand, accepting these free gifts with both hands. They do not know the intentions of America like countries. Actually these electronic wastes are causing huge damages to the environment and America like countries wanted to dispose it safely away from American territory. In short, poor people become the sufferers of such gifts. Public attention first was drawn to issue of environmental justice in 1982 with the Warren County residents in North Carolina opposing the location of a hazardous waste dump in their neighborhood (predominantly poor and black). The community challenged the identification of their neighborhood as a potential hazardous waste dump site on the ground that it was not necessarily the most environmentally sound choice. They argued that they had been chosen because their community seemed incapable of resisting (Mbote & Kullet, 1996, p.3) Nuclear disasters and environmental justice “On March 28, 1979, America experienced its worst nuclear accident - a partial meltdown of the reactor core at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant near Middletown, Pennsylvania”(Powell, 2010). Nobody can forget the nuclear power reactor accidents happened in Chernobyl and Fukushima. Even though the immediate damages caused by these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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