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Different Points of View on the Global Warming - Essay Example

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The aim of this research is to overview the problem of global climate change and look at some facts. Furthermore, the writer will discuss the problem from various points of view. Finally, the paper would reveal some of the author's recommendations for resolving the issue…
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Different Points of View on the Global Warming
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Download file to see previous pages It will be crucial to building a resonance scientific understanding of the systems through which climate change discloses, and, on the foundation of this information, to alleviate its force as far as possible while adjusting to its effects (Schreuder, 2009, p. 13). 1. The Facts: According to the 4th assessment report, there is proof that Africa is warming quicker than the global average, and it is likely to persist. It is projected that by 2100, temperature changes will drop in ranges of about 1.4 to almost 5.8?C raise in mean surface temperature contrasted to 1900, and around 10 to 90cm increase in mean sea level. This warming is most over the heart of semi-arid boundaries of the Sahara also the central southern Africa. Before the atmospheric amount of carbon dioxide equivalent has multiplied by two, the worlds mean precipitation is anticipated to be around 1-5 % more than 1900. Under the least warming situation, equatorial east Africa will have rainfall increase by 5-20 % during December, January as well as February and diminish by 5-10 % during June, July also August (Schreuder, 2009, p.39). Agricultural production with foodstuff security in most areas of Africa is likely to be strictly compromised by climate change, as well as climate variability. Climate change will deteriorate the water stress presently faced by some nations; while some of those nations, presently not at risk of water stress, will be affected. Changes in an array of ecosystems are by now being noticed faster than expected, mainly in the Southern African environments. Climate change and unpredictability could also lead to the flooding of low lying lands, comprising coastal settlements. Human health could also be more negatively affected by climate change with climate variability, for instance there has been a raise in the frequency of malaria in southern Africa as well as East African highlands. These unfavourable effects together with poverty, institutional frame works and Poor policy, cause Africa to be one of the most susceptible continent to climate change as well as climate variability. It is established that the anthropogenic climate force is the chief cause of climate change. This comprises of green house gases, land surface changes and aerosols. Research has shown that while a rise in the amount of green house gases would augment global warming, a rase in atmospheric aerosols would reduce it, although alterations in the land cover could either augment or reduce the local temperature (Schneider, 2002, p.22). The increase in the GHG since industrialization in the 1900s is the main cause of the ongoing global warming. The raise has been related to a rise in the burning of fossil fuels, growing dependence on fossil fuel driven technologies, elevated population growth rates and land use results. More increase in the GHG altitudes is anticipated in the future as the developing nations are becoming further industrialized. Nevertheless, any increase in GHG increases the “green house” characteristics of the earth’s environment. These gases permit solar radiation to go through the atmosphere but hinder the reflected heat from escaping back into the apace which results to the earth’s temperature rise. Climate change is the main factor defining human advancement issues of the generation.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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