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Global Warming: Natural or Man Made - Research Paper Example

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The author states that global warming is the result of industrialization and expansion of civilization by means of deforestation. Despite all the progress, without the proper mindset of scientific developments, even science cannot prevent mankind from the devastating power…
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Global Warming: Natural or Man Made
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Extract of sample "Global Warming: Natural or Man Made"

Download file to see previous pages Every country is now investing a large amount of money to ensure the growth in the economy is always in terms of other nations. In order to achieve this economical as well as industrial development, the degree of global warming is also increasing drastically.

Global Warming can be defined as an increase in temperature of the earth's surface, oceans and surrounding atmosphere of the globe due to some natural and some human-created situations. Global Warming is now one of the most alarming environmental issues which are affecting the world (Lallanilla, 2013). Scientists across the world are keeping a check on the rising global temperature. In the very beginning, it was considered a natural phenomenon, but over time researches have shown that the cause behind global warming is a maximum human created and it is increasing rapidly with the development of industrialization all over the globe.

Researchers have analyzed the reason and effect of global warming in the world and also on the people. There are a set of scientist and researchers who believe that global warming is essentially a natural phenomenon. In their opinion, though the continuous development of industry and plant demolition are causing global warming still these have very little role to play. Researchers also believe that in some cases global warming is beneficial for the people. Borland (2007) in his report pointed out the review of Dennis Avery and Fred Singer, as both of them in their analysis mentioned that “Global warming is an entirely natural phenomenon and its effects can even be beneficial.” (Borland, 2007)
In order to support their view, they have mentioned the example of cold phase in the world as in their analysis the cold phase was responsible for the death of more than double the number of human beings in the world than the effect of warm. To support their view, they have mentioned that it was the unsteady Dark Ages and the Tiny Ice Age that responsible for the bigger storms, premature frost, extensive famine, plagues and other harmful diseases that caused more death. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Global Warming: Natural or Man Made Research Paper - 8)
Global Warming: Natural or Man Made Research Paper - 8.
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